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Film & TV References in Sherlock S4

I’m still not done with this, but here is the list as it exists right now.

Films and Music Video



The Usual Suspects

The Lost Weekend


Rosemary’s Baby

The Amityville Horror (1979)

The Ring


Silence of the Lambs



Shutter Island

Paranormal Activity 2





Spectre (scenes and score)


Dr. No

Interview With The Vampire

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans


Neues Vom Wixxer

The Shining

Hammer House versions of Child’s Play (1984) and The Two Faces of Evil

I Want To Break Free (music video)

Dr. Who/Torchwood/Sherlock/Dr. Strange/Fargo Overlaps

Amy’s Choice ( x ) by @goodmythicalmail

Little Rosie, The Elephant in the Room ( x ) by @ebaeschnbliah

Torchwood S3 and Johnlock ( x )

Torchwood ARG ( x )

Miss Evangelista & TAB Mary Watson ( x )

John’s Choice ( x ) by @tjlcisthenewsexy

In Case of Villain ( x )

Gaslight(ing), Dr. Who, and Sherlock ( x ) (Related to Mycroft’s love of old films.)

The Wedding of River Song & Sherlock: TFP ( x )

Dr. Who, Snowmen, and TAB ( x ) by @heartofdeduction

Dr. Who Dreamlord, TLD, and the Nyte Inspiration ( x ) (I added on.)

Dr. Who, Pilot Fish, and Sherlock ( x )

Dr. Strange Sherlock ( x )

Dr. Who “Tarmac” Conversation ( x ) by @a-candle-for-sherlock

Moffat 207 to 702 ( x ) (Two pre-existing metas about Moffat reusing these numbers.)

In case anyone is keeping track, that didn’t have a meta already tagged in the TV portion above. @inevitably-johnlocked @may-shepard @sherlockians-get-bored @holmesianscholar @swimmingfeelsinajohnlockianpool @mr-brightside24

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Pondering about the fact that TGG consists of five cases and there are also five tasks for Sherlock to solve at Sherrinford in TFP …  I suddenly remembered that the number five … connected to cases … actually comes up a third time in Sherlock BBC. After taking a closer look at the scipts (thanks @callie-ariane ) I think I’ve probably spotted another rather intriguing and joyful pattern.

The five CASES of The Great Game

Sherlock receives four pips but there are five cases … the fifth and last case brings the story full circle to the beginning.

The five TASKS of The Final Problem

Sherlock is given four tasks … the fifth task can only be solved through the collected conclusions of the previous four.

The five  FUNNY STORIES  of The Sign Of Three

Sherlock mentions five ‘funny stories’ before he decides to tell the wedding guests about the case of the  'Bloody Guardsman’ and the one of the 'Mayfly Man’. Turns out that both cases are actually just one. But that’s not the point.

My focus lies on the five 'funny stories’ Sherlock just mentions randomly.

Under the cut for anyone who is interested.

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A bit of a crazy theory maybe, but then …. who knows?

SHERLOCK  IS  THREE  PEOPLE _______________________

I view the whole of S4 on a metaphorical level and as something that happens inside Sherlock’s head. Every character is an interpretation/imagination of Sherlock. Everyone is an ‘actor’ on his Mind-Stage and plays exactly the role Sherlock has assigned them to.

There are certain scenes and pieces of dialoge in TST as well as in TLD that feel somewhat … odd …. strange. Almost as if the text has been given to the wrong actors. Mary - for example - has a lot of dialoge that could be spoken by Sherlock as well (the whole 'Hiatus-stuff’)  Not really a big surprise. For Mary is visually presented as Sherlock’s facade in HLV … plastered all over the Empty Houses …. which are the property of Sherlock Holmes. She is Sherlock’s major mirror and plays a big part on his Mind-Stage.

The character who really surprised me though, is John. Because there are several scenes in TST and TLD where he appears to be much more like Sherlock Holmes than John Watson. All the 'cheating’ sequences, for example. E flirting with John reminds me a lot of Jim flirting with Sherlock in S1-S2. And every time I watch the end of TLD - the conversation between Sherlock, John and Ghost-Mary - it feels like I’m looking here at three Sherlocks debating with each other.

This gave me the idea that - like Mary - maybe John as well takes over the role of Sherlock Holmes … that there are three incarnations of Sherlock on the Mind-Stage of TST and TLD.

A summary for all  three episodes of S4 under the cut ….

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