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Beowulf, Alaskan Malamute (3 y/o), Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach, CA • “He’s a big brother to a ‘non-fur’ baby brother. He steals his binkies. He watched my car get stolen and he was like, 'Don’t worry guys, she won’t be up for another hour.’”


Beatrice, Shepherd mix (4 y/o), Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach, CA • “She loves chasing rocks. I’ll throw her the ball and she’ll come back with a rock. Her mother was killed when she was two weeks old. She was hit by a car. I had to bottle feed her just like a baby.”


Shadow & Rogue, Labrador Retriever mixes (3 y/o), Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach, CA • “Shadow is super intelligent but someone f*cked with her – she’s super shy. They’re rescues from the same litter and they feed off each other’s nervous energy. The outfits are good because people want to approach them more.”


When your friends are super talented & you’re just in a giant red shirt trying your best.


Kila, mix (2 y/o), Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach, CA • “She’s blind. She measures her space by going in circles. It took two months for her to figure out the stairs. She doesn’t know which animals are which but she plays with every one of them.” @blindymagoo

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Did you grow up going to church? If so, did you have an internal struggle between your religion and your sexually? And do you still believe in a God? (These are just some things I'm struggling with and need an insiders opinion.)

Yes, yes, and yes. I grew up in a very Christian household. Couldn’t watch Friends episodes with the lesbians, they hated Rosie O'Donnell and Ellen because they were gay, etc. My parents meant well. They came from rough home lives and wanted to give their children a good one, so they were just listening to what they were told. In high school, I started figuring it out and panicked. It was never even an option in my head and I wouldn’t let myself think that way until i found myself really attracted to a girl - nothing like with guys. I dove so hard into religion and planned on taking the secret to my grave. My parents backed away from religion when I was about 17 and stopped going to church/thinking for themselves. Now, they go to a nondenominational church, are super supportive, and think for themselves - not what a book or building tells them.

I hated myself. I thought I was incapable of love, would pray constantly to be straight. I would date guys and feel nothing. I would feel violated whenever they even tried to kiss me. It felt so wrong. I hated who I was back then. Then after depression, self harm, and eating disorders, it hit me NO GOD would want me this miserable just to settle for a life and standards taught. I do not believe in organized religion whatsoever. I do, however, believe in a loving God. God created love, not the devil, and He want us to experience it the way he intended. Since I came out, I’ve experienced every feeling I should have. He’s blessed me and it’s incredible. I’ve yet to relapse back into certain old behaviors. That’s my God, not the one that people told me - with rules and regulations on his love. Anyone that tells me otherwise isn’t worthy of being in my life. I’m the same person, just far happier and far more myself. I wish that for you, too. Don’t let anyone influence you. He loves me, He loves you. He makes no mistakes and He made you exactly how you are. Trust that. Being miserable isn’t worth it.