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Try, Will
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Rosie May - Try, Will

Look what I’ve just found whilst having a thorough rummage round my iTunes; a song I forgot I had written! Just a single track demo and quite simple, but I think it could be good…

(Please feel free to give me feedback and ideas for fleshing it out, anonymously if you like)


Rosie May - What I Wouldn’t do for My Man

Me singing at the most recent Sofar: Oxford night a couple of weeks ago, I hope you enjoy it! If so, please share!


An interview with me, Rosie May, at the last Stroke Your Beard at The Good Ship, Kilburn! The live songs either side are originals called Never Had A Plan and This Shell Of Mine. Hope you like it!

Oh and Albert ‘features’ in the video, hahaha.


House of the Rising Sun

This is me (right) singing with the incredible Brooke Sharkey in my old place in Alexandra Palace, London. Haven’t watched it in a while but I’m glad I did :)

Sorry about the audio distortion on the loud bits! Hope you like it, feel free to comment!


ROSIE MAY – The Water Is Wide – 1:25
Eat our heart out, Alison Krauss. We normally give preference to original material here at Fresh On The Net, but this famous traditional song (which even has its own Wikipedia entry) is just a killer, and this is simply the best rendition I’ve ever heard. Whoever Rosie May may be, she gets top marks for this astounding slice of close-harmony acapella.

Mission accomplished.

It’s almost 5am but I need to wind down after a mental day, otherwise I’ll just dream of crashing and similar stuff that is plaguing my mind right now. My head is buzzing.

Today I took on some serious driving. We left Taunton at 3:30 and got to The Bowery at 8:30, whilst taking on mental-rush-panic-killer-London traffic. I must say I secretly missed London driving, it’s just SO crazy, you take your life in your hands, but it’s like everyone is ready and prepared for everyone else to drive like utter maniacs and there’s some security in that… We drove right through Regents Street, Savile Row, Oxford Street, past The Ritz and even THROUGH PICCADILLY CIRCUS. It was a serious quest for us bumpkins wizzing around in little Buttercup. It was hilarious because all the vehicles around us were Mercedes, Bentleys, Royces… Then there was my little minty 106 amidst the glamorous chaos.

The gig itself was AWESOME! So many friends came along (I’m thankful for every single one of you) and I think we played really well! I love Josh and Albert so much, I cannot imagine playing without them these days; I’m not sure they even realise how talented they are.

After a steeeeeeeeamer of a journey home, we got home at 4am. Albert was great and stayed awake with me the whole way. We talked about everything until we just babbled shit. We drove back on the same night because Joshy Laws has a bladdy Sociology exam (NOT EVEN A REAL SUBJECT REALLY) in the morning! But it’s cool, it was worth it.


James, my friend/manager/occasional photographer, finally got his Mac fixed and all these photos have surfaced. I’ll post a few of my favourites…

This is little me playing at The Bowery in Tottenham Court Road back in January. That was a crazy night; we decided that the only way we’d be able to make the gig was to drive up to London and back to Somerset in one night. That’s about 300 miles in one night, as well as gigging. I’m proud that we survived but I doubt we’ll be doing that again, ever.

I have finally found the fourth song for Too Far to Swim. I have three songs with a running theme and wanted an old folk song to do an arrangement of, probably as the final track. The lyrics fit absolutely perfectly with the other three and work well as a closing song. I don’t want to get into explaining the theme before any of you have heard the EP, I’ll just say that it has all come together far better than I ever could have hoped. We’re recording with Jackson the weekend after this and then it’ll be onto album artwork, CD production and of course a launch party for the EP! It’s nowhere near done yet, but the hard part is over and I can honestly say I am so pleased and proud of what we have created. There is a growing list of people that have played a huge role in this project, but already there’s no one who needs to be thanked more than Albert and Josh, such a talented pair of musical friends, and of course the one person who inspired me to write these songs.

Too Far to Swim… the proverbial contractions have begun!