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Sorry this one’s a little text-heavy. It’s a lot more fun to read if you imagine Daddy Holmes’s lines in a teenage girl voice.

Happy Father’s Day to all who celebrate it! <3

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Just imagine...

-John running his fingers through Sherlock’s dark brown curls.
-Sherlock sleeping in John’s chest.
-Sherlock saving pictures of Rosie in his phone.
-John having a picture of Rosie and Sherlock as his phone wallpaper.
-Sherlock and Rosie walking in the park holding hands.
-Rosie calling Sherlock “daddy” “pappa”.
-John and Sherlock holding hands while taking a quiet walk at the park.
-Sherlock referring to Rosie as “Watson” / “little Watson”.
-John calling Sherlock “Love”.
-John uploading his blog again.

My Dream

Alright, this may be a long post but I need your guys help with something.

So basically, I’ve been having the same dream for a few nights now; and obviously, being me, its been a Sherlock based dream.

What happens is from the perspective of Rosie Watson but like 16 years old. It starts of with a Rosie meeting a boy( lets call him Eddie) and falls madly in love with, much to John and Sherlock’s dismay. They want to protect her from the heartbreak of a first love. Then comes a montage of them falling in love (watching the Breakfast Club (just because) and just general lovey dovey things) and him eventually winning the love of the two dads. It then stops and shows Rosie and the mysterious boy entering one of the pods of the London Eye, all by themselves.

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Sherlock and John are currently working on a case that is close to home and threatens them and Rosie, someone who knows them well, but its someone that wants to hurt them…. They go through everyone: Molly, Lestrade, Mycroft, even Mrs Hudson. But then it clicks, and John says “what’s Eddie’s last name?”

Then comes the weird bit. The song “I’m Still Standing” starts playing.

It all begins to get really fast, John and Sherlock running through the streets of London, trying to get to the Eye as fast as they can. On the other side, there is Rosie and Eddie, sharing earphones. They then kiss. As the imaginary camera pans round them, a figure is present in the background, the figure has black hair, and is dressed in a suit and tie. The song then stops.

He steps forward, and taps Eddie on the shoulder. The man says “Come on son, when were you going to introduce me to your little friend.”

That man, was Jim Moriarty. 

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The dream usually ends there. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! I was thinking about making this into a one shot but I wondered if you wanted to continue it in the comments?


I just realized something…except for Redbeard, Mary is the first person that Sherlock loved, and lost. (Yes, Sherlock loved Mary. If you say otherwise, we aren’t watching the same show.) I wish we saw more of how her death impacted him. John was a soldier, he has lost many people, many friends. But Sherlock? He keeps himself closed off. He doesn’t let people in, he cares to deeply. But Mary…he cared for her, she was one of his best friends, and he loved her. He promised, he vowed, to keep her safe. It wasn’t just because of John, he made the vow because he loves them both, because they are his best friends, they are his family. Not just John, MARY IS HIS FAMILY TOO. We all know how her death affected John…but I wish we could have seen more about Sherlock and his loss.