rosie is upset

YIKESSSS (”Stuck Together” preview)

Steven is going to get a real awakening when he gets to Homeworld- THEY DON’T PLAY. I mean the “Stuck Together” preview??!! -

“Aw, is Rosie upset her little deal didn’t work? Look, I’m so moved, I’m crying.”


“You think shattering’s bad? Just wait til the Diamonds get their hands on YOU!”

It’s like she’s excited for Steven’s future suffering. Aquamarine is scary. I love her, but if I ever met her I’d shit myself.

Now listen here you little fucks

Was the episode of Sherlock tonight pretty much blatant queer baiting? To some extent, yes. But that doesn’t bother me as much as it should. You know why? Because although we didn’t get a kiss, or even another hug, Sherlock and John moved back in together. They’re living together, solving cases together, and, most importantly, raising Rosie together. They are literally raising a child together. When she comes home from school or from a friend’s house, odds are Sherlock will be there. Sherlock will help John teach her to walk, to talk, to read and to write. He’ll be there for her first steps, for the first time she rolls over, for her first words. He’ll tell her about his experiments, and he may even let her help with some of the less dangerous ones when she gets older. If you think Rosie is going to think of Sherlock as anything other than her second father, you’re wrong. If you think he’s just going to be “Uncle Sherlock” then you. are. wrong. So maybe there wasn’t explicit proof that Johnlock is canon. But to me that felt like a pretty gay ending, and I’m content with that.

  • *John and Mary's vow renewal reception*
  • Sherlock: *watching Molly*
  • Molly: *chatting with Mary*
  • Rosamund: *pokes Sherlock in the knee* Uncle Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *looks down* Aren't you supposed to be asleep?
  • Rosamund: *bats her eyelashes* Do you want to dance with me?
  • Sherlock: *finishes his drink* Yes, why not? Sounds rather fun.
  • Rosamund: *grins* Yay! I'm over there *points at Molly*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Erm...
  • Rosamund: *rolls her eyes; walks behind him and begins pushing him towards Mary and Molly with both hands*
  • Sherlock: *panicking; hisses* I didn't sign up for this.
  • Rosamund: *scoffs* Yeah, you did.
  • -they stop in front of the waiting women, Sherlock smiling awkwardly-
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mary: *clears her throat* I'll just go and...see if John's drunk *trots over to John*
  • Molly: *awkward* Um, it was a lovely ceremony today.
  • Sherlock: *nods*
  • Rosamund: *looking between them; rolls her eyes, elbows Sherlock* Ask her, Uncle Sherlock!
  • Molly: *confused*
  • Sherlock: *glances at the empty dancefloor* Uh, Molly... *hesitates* Rosie would like to know if you wanted to dance with her.
  • Rosamund: *under her breath* Wimp.
  • Molly: *smiles at Rosie* Oh, I'd love to, sweetheart. You're not usually shy.
  • Rosamund: *glaring at Sherlock* No.
  • Sherlock: *avoding looking at her; looks at Molly instead*
  • Molly: *smiling shyly*
  • Rosamund: *huffs* For God's sake *stomps off to drag a chair over to them; crawls onto the chair and gently pushes their heads together*
  • Sherlock & Molly: *not shocked in the slightest that they're suddenly kissing*
  • Rosamund: *smiles triumphantly*

          Tanner never found the point of celebrating his own birthday, but he made it a habit to be extra cheerful when it was somebody else’s he cared for. A mere “Happy Birthday” from Rosie was the perfect wake up call for him, and while she couldn’t understand why he was being so low-maintenance about everything, he was pretty grateful with her acknowledgment alone. His day didn’t seem to turn out as Rosie planned, which greatly upset the brunette, no matter how much he reassured her that it was okay. Just getting to watch his favorite movies then cuddle on their bed was all he could really ask for from her, rather than a big birthday bash surrounded by people he was supposed to like ( but doesn’t like enough to have them around for that long ). All her hard work seemed to backfire, from the three-layer cake that she attempted to bake for him, which never got to survive– but was still delicious, regardless of its presentation. Also, Tanner’s friends that Rosie had invited couldn’t make it at the last minute, leading to a sunny afternoon with just the two of them. The blonde could only laugh about it, finding her efforts to be adorable regardless of how they never came through.

          And now as he was laying on the comfort of their bed, all stretched out as he wasn’t in the mood for watching tv, he was just waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. It was getting late, and it’s been a long day ( even when they hardly did much ), so Tanner just wanted to call it a night with a small chat and some cuddles. Ever since they confessed their true feelings for each other, Tanner’s gotten extra affectionate, in spite of him not wanting to put a label on it yet. Wanting to take his time, he also made sure that they didn’t have to rush on their friendship. He couldn’t fall asleep without her in his arms, and she was taking longer than usual as she was getting ready to hit the hay ( or so he thought ). “You can’t still be bothered about this whole thing. Are you? I told you that I’m fine with not having a big celebration,” he spoke out loudly, just so she could hear him from inside. 

Rosie Series

Trigger warning: upsetting scenes so if you don’t like it skip to the 5 months later bit :(

You sit on the kitchen stool trying to hold in your screams because Rosie was in the other room oblivious to everything going on. When the door goes Rosie runs up to answer it but you are in too much pain to shout at her, you’re actually thankful she answered it for you.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asks running into the room, you look up and shake your head showing him your hand, your hand that was covered in blood from your arm.

“I fell.” You whisper sniffing, he helps you stand up and puts Rosie in the front seat safely because you need to lie down.

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Today I was sitting on the stairs and I met a girl there. She stared at me and I said hello and sat down. She said hi back. I asked her what her name was and she told me it was Ava. I pulled out a cigarette and started to light it when she asked if she could have one. I retrieved them out of my pocket and handed her one. Our hands briefly touched. Hers were soft but mine were rough. They only touched for a millisecond but it felt like the world stopped. She lite hers and blew a long course of smoke from her cracked pink lips. She made an O shape with her lips as smoke traced them. She looked at me like she’d known me forever. Like she knew all my secrets. She asked me when I started smoking and I said about 2 years ago when my dad left. I asked her and she said oh I don’t smoke as she exhaled the poison. Then, she somehow managed to smile without even flinching. She was calm but passionate about absolutely nothing. We talked for a little while longer. She had a dark circle surround the bottom of her big blue left eye as if she had been hit by something. When I mentioned it her hand flew to her pale skin and she outlined the injury. She looked surprised that there was mark; like she couldn’t remember what happened. She shrugged it off and said she bumped into something. Her auburn hair framed her petite face with flushed rosy cheeks. She looked upset. I asked what brought her to this spot and she said it’s where she often likes to come and sit and just watch all the people pass by. She tugged on her leather jacket as a gust of wind blew past. She told me she should be getting back to her room. I didn’t want to leave her side. I wanted to pause this moment forever. She started to get up and I asked “why the hurry?” She clenched her jaw and gave a timid look my way. She tried to play it off and said “oh, I just thought it was getting late.” I didn’t mean to scare her. As we went to part our separate ways, I heard a shriek and automatically spun around hoping to see her running back towards me. To my surprise, two girls yelled Ava’s name and sounded relieved that she was okay. I stopped to listen to their conversation for a moment. They yelled at Ava asking why she would do this without saying anything? Then, they said “who does these things?”, as if she had wondered off before. She glanced behind her shoulder and gave an apologetic look my way. The girls took her away and I went back home. I doubt I’ll ever see her again but for a moment there, I thought I found her.

nygmobblepot’s future

okay look I can’t pretend to know where the story is ACTUALLY GOING

but one thing I keep seeing over and over is this idea that there is absolutely no way forward for Ed and Oz because of Oz killing Izzy because Ed could never forgive Oz for such a thing and to think could ever form any kind of friendly relationship after that IS UNREALISTIC AND DOESN’T MAKE SENSE

and look, I’m not saying they WILL still be friendly when Ed learns the truth, but that argument… strikes me as odd?

because… this IS GOTHAM, yeah?

why would REALISM be an issue? :p

and on top of that this is EDWARD NYGMA, who has been known to be gleeful over, among other things, killing randoms and gassing children, so… I don’t think it WOULD be nonsense for him to (ultimately) end up not hating Oz for killing Izzy…? his emotional reactions to things are… NOT NORMAL/REAL sometimes, you know?

in fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he IMMEDIATELY got over it and appreciated what Oz had done, because, that’s the kind of show this is imo, things can change at the drop of a hat! I mean, I’m NOT expecting that, I would imagine Ed to be angry and betrayed at least at first, but I honestly would not be surprised if the show chose to go with the former idea

so yeah… like I say, this isn’t to suggest nygmobblepot is totally becoming canon or anything and everything will be rosy and Ed won’t be upset with Oz

but just - to think that nygmobblepot CAN’T HAPPEN anymore because if it did it would be stupid and unrealistic and not make sense or be OOC for Ed or whatever… is an argument that actually doesn’t hold for me, that’s all

/Holly out