rosie fails

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Jikook Bed Cuddling Moment ♥

Wow guys I’m so proud I managed drawing something today, haha! I dedicate this to @jungkoojk and her fic “LNFIL”<3~ Though it’s not a scene from her fic but I was very inspired after reading the latest chapter. I’M DYING IN FEELS. ♥ <33~~


Even when she was frightened about failing, Rosie knew that everything would be okay. She was brave like her father, clever like her mother, kind like her godmother, & intelligent like her godfather. Yet most importantly, she knew that she was ROSAMUND MARY WATSON & all those little bits and pieces made her into the capable woman she was. No matter what happened, she’d get through to the otherside. It was in her DNA, & that was fact.  

                                                 ( sideblog to toldabetterstory // penned by tricia.

Failed Bionics

Rosie was nine. She had just begun physical training with her father and her uncle. She enjoyed it; it was fun. She was training with Thomas when he tried to show her how to use her evo/bionic abilities to knock an opponent off their feet. She tried and she only managed to move his foot an inch. She was going to try again when she suddenly felt woozy.

“Uncle Thomas…I don’t feel very good…” Blood started to come from her nose and she fell forward suddenly so weak that she couldn’t pick herself up.


anonymous asked:

hi! i didn't have a great day today and i know you don't take requests but could you share a doodle of joey or rosie? they never fail to brighten my day.

lol here’s one i did forever ago and then forgot about + never finished

and then a wip of some jo stuff that’s almost done

hope the rest of your day is better!!