rosie ashe

anonymous asked:

Is there a reason why Rosemary Ashe Looks so bored/annoyed in the backstage photos showing her costumes by Marcus Tylor?

I think she only gets into character. When dressed in the mock opera costumes she’s making faces/gestures reflecting the roles she plays. Obviously singing in the Elissa one, making an elegant gesture of sorts in the Countess one, and going for a Spanish donna pose in the last one:

In the 1st Managers costume does she look seriously pissed, as Carlotta IS for much of that scene, haha! Only the Masquerade one puzzles me, I would expect her to look a tad more jolly there…

Yeah, so overall not maybe looking super jolly, but most of these seems in sync with how the costumes corresponds to the scenes they’re used in. Only the Masquerade one seems a tad out of character. Judging from photos of Claire Moore in the book, I guess they all went for semi neutral “model” faces for much of the shoot?