Jiggys shop, Roshell Kiwami yukata, 5980 yen each

Mid-priced yukata for guys available in many patterns and styles, this light blue (bordering on a denim color) and black (same!) are thin and comfortable, but the pattern gives some visual interest that is uncommon in classic flat-color yukata. 

Guys don’t have a lot of choices in kimono, though yukata is slightly better than kimono. I mean, unless you REALLY like navy blue and brown. In that case you’ll be pretty happy with normal kimono choices.

The obi here are not exactly heko-obi but also look soft and ruffled rather than extremely clean and smooth. This adds to the casual/sexy “IDGAF” style that they started with the hair. 

Click the link to see a LOT of dudes in makeup!

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Roshell “kawami”  (ultimate!) yukata for 2013, in many different patterns and colors for the trendy young dude or ladydude.

Yukata patterns:

  • aishima (indigo stripe)
  • ginshima (silver stripe)
  • rendama (connected circles)
  • seiun (blue clouds)
  • raiun (thunderclouds)
  • natsubana (summer flower)
  • takijima (waterfall stripe)

“The truth is that you don’t think a girl would have been clever enough!”

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10 Pasos a la Felicidad Interior (Roshel)

Deja a un lado las creencias que te limitan.
Deja de vivir de acuerdo a las expectativas de los demás.
Lo pasado, ya es pasado.
Abandona tus excusas y los miedos.
Supera tu resistencia al cambio.
Renuncia a tu necesidad de impresionar a los demás.
Olvida el lujo de criticar.
Deja de quejarte y resuélvelo.
Deja de culpar a los demás.
Renuncia a tu necesidad de control.