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anonymous asked:

Rfa gang reaction to mc petting their hair?


  • he responds super positively
  • he likes being pet 
  • give him lots of pats
  • nuzzles his head into MC’s hand
  • smiles like the big dork he is


  • finds it very cute
  • lets MC do it for a while
  • then she fixes her hair 
  • there’s this light rosey color on her cheeks- it’s not a blush, it’s just… something that shows how happy and in love she is.


  • he’d be caught off guard
  • he likes it when people play with his hair so he finds it very relaxing
  • returns the petting to MC
  • but he makes sure to mess their hair up more than they did to him


  • confusion
  • he just hugs MC because that’s his reaction to when he doesn’t know how to respond
  • with the slightest, faintest blush that’s hardly even visible he’ll kiss their forehead
  • “you’re petting me like you pet Elizabeth 3rd. It’s nice”
  • he’d like to be petting MC more but with something small like this, he doesn’t mind letting MC do as they please


  • responds with a meow
  • acts like a cat in response to it 
  • it’s the cutest and weirdest thing ever
  • he starts purring and rubbing his cheek against MC’s it is too cute
  • when MC stops he laughs and kisses them
  • if MC does it while they work, welp, there goes his concentration for the day
The Goddess of Spring becomes Queen of the Dead

Prompt: Legendary Lovers
Paring: Levi/Mikasa
Setting: Fantasy/Mythological AU
Rating: T

A/N: This is long long LONG overdue like many of my other fics. Read part one [HERE] if you haven’t. Well, what else can I say? This story needed a part two. Characters feel a little ooc because I wrote it all in fairytale-speak. So here it is. Enjoy <3

The Goddess of Spring becomes Queen of the Dead

Death has fallen in love. In search for a bride, he became captivated by the maiden of Spring. His dead heart beating for the first time. He took it upon himself to capture her as his bride. And so, opening the earth, he unveiled his Hell, dragging the maiden against her will into the haunting darkness of the underworld he owned…

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thecrosby-chronicles  asked:

Sansa is married to Tyrion but when she gives birth to "their" son he looks strangely like her brother Jon :). This blog is amazing by the way!

Here you go! 


Tyrion is kind, soft, he is gentle with her. He looks at her differently though, ever since he came back with the dragon Queen he has kept his eyes on her. The last he saw her she was but a child, and now she is a full grown woman. She had expected it. But not what came after. Sansa suspects he is the reason Daenerys denied her in receiving an annulment.

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