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I’m filling up the Queue

Be prepared for a plethora of Animal Crossing posts to last us about a week. I decided it was high time to make the blog a bit more active again personally, so be prepared for that.

Also, the Submission box is open. Screenshots involving my characters, both ACNL and MCC are always welcome. Just remember to tag appropriately and keep posts SFW.


It’s been a while since I uploaded pictures so I thought I would post some of my recent VS haul. My best friend and I went to the VS Outlet and I got these 4 for $7 each, which is half off the regular price! You know I couldn’t just get 1! 


( thegrimbrother )    

     Rosey giggles as she goes on adventure through the timelines, looking for someone to play with while her friends are busy. It takes awhile to find someone suitable though, since not everyone is ready to just play with a random mint-chocolate chip trickster girl. However, when she sees an unfamiliar penthouse she is filled with interest. She floats to be even with what seems to be a bedroom window. Upon seeing the boy inside, her curiosity is peeked, and she giggles before tapping the glass, and then pressing her face slightly against it, a wide smile with a possibly creepy hint to it crossing her lips.