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they're so mad at jashi bc they think jack and bravo is a canon thing....

I don’t think that’s it, I did my own creeping and found that it’s the age difference is the dominating reason why anit-jashi’s are a thing. People use the Aang is like 100 years older than Katara argument, but I agree you can’t really compare Jashi to Kataang. 

Aang was frozen for 100 years and did not experience 100 years worth of events. Jack was around 25 at the start of the series and 50 years later, he’s got 75 years of experience under his belt. However, this does not amount to any abuse or pedophilia. 

A great counter to the age argument would be RoseX10. The Doctor was like 900 years old when meeting Rose Tyler. He has over 900 years of experience and no one really seems to complain about their romance. Sure, Rose ended up with a “human” version of the Doctor, but still, the “human” form had all of the memories of their past adventures and then some. 

Now this whole “Born Sexy Yesterday” trope does somewhat apply to Ashi. She has little understanding of the outside world other than combat, basic survival, and pain from her abusive mother. Now parts of the trope that align with Ashi would be (based off this video explaining the trope): Beautiful and deadly, naive, and disrobing in front of her love interest. What does not align with Ashi would be: “Profoundly naive” or “unimaginably wise” or “stupid”. She is not innocent or an ornament to Jack. This trope does not describe their relationship. She is not otherworldly or so completely different. 

Ashi is naive, but not completely naive, just mostly deprived of experience and pretty ignorant. She is naive in her physical form. She does not understand sex appeal, but she is still a human who just so happens to feel emotions humans can feel such as curiosity, compassion, and love. If you say “she knows nothing about love”, well love cannot really be taught. It’s a complicated emotion that she is now learning and embracing, which is fine. Also may I point out that the video even mentions that this trope wouldn’t be so problematic if the “male hero was also inexperienced and our two protagonists could experience love and sex together”. Which is a very true statement and is very much presented in Samurai Jack. Jack has been betrayed by women before and really has not experienced real love until Ashi. Ashi is someone he can trust and rely on and it is the same on Ashi’s side as well. Both are inexperienced, and both are equally powerful. Ashi is not portrayed as whimsically naive or stupid. She observes and learns what she can without endangering herself or others around her. She is smart and cautious yet curious. She is willing to learn, but in a way you or I would learn something new. Women who fall under the “Born Sexy Yesterday” trope are portrayed as whimsically naive, similar to a child’s way of thinking. They are considered “stupid” or “obnoxiously naive” or “obtuse” and must be held by the hand to do what is considered simple tasks such as reading or showering or going through doors. Ashi does not need this sort of guidance. Jack provides her spiritual and moral guidance and lets her learn things on her own rather than holding her hand through the truth. She figures out the truth about Jack on her own without his complete interference. 

Okay so the disrobing part was interesting because when you rewatch and fully understand the meaning behind Ashi’s “disrobing” it is more for comical value rather than sexualizing Ashi. In fact, right after Ashi loses her dress, all focus is put on the flustered Jack, who completely fumbles on his words and overall kind of fucks up on his explanations. It was a scene to develop Jack more as the respectful (and possibly virgin) man who disrobes himself to cover up Ashi. No, this isn’t a “man saves woman from nudity”. This is a “Jack is a really really nice guy who is probably a virgin and Ashi is here focused more on survival” moment. 

Another thing that bothers me is that this trope also includes a power imbalance and a “Normal dude gets the out of this world girl”. These two characteristics of this gross trope are not present in Samurai Jack. Both Ashi and Jack are strong an fairly balanced. Sure, Jack beat Ashi once, but look, Ashi tore up a goddamn army then proceeded to take down the woman who trained her. Ashi is never presented as weak or helpless or dependent on Jack. They are pretty dependent on each other. Ashi saved Jack before he killed himself, Jack saved Ashi from living as an ignorant assassin. Ashi protected Jack while he was meditating on top of the rock, jack protected Ashi from the blow from the Ghost. If anything, they are the most deadliest couple at this point. Jack is also not a normal dude with nothing to live for. He’s the compassionate protagonist who fights for reasons that are not for his own benefit. Ashi is not just some out of this world trinket girl. She is an assassin who was abused and was forced to train all her life to kill one man. It was not her choice to live as she had, but she made the choice to change her life all by herself. 

And lastly, they’re happy??? Let them be happy please. They found peace and happiness with each other so please let them have it. Their relationship, although unfortunately rushed (this is a whole essay by itself), is still better written than most other romances written in popular media. 

Sorry this got ranty, but this whole Anti-Jashi bs is giving me war flashbacks with the anti-reylo bs rising.

Time. It’s torn us apart, hasn’t it? I used to be able to spend my every waking moment with you. And now, I’m here. In my TARDIS, alone. All by myself. I.. Love. Love is such a strong word. One in which I can barely say. I’ve left you without me. And I feel like I’m missing my everything. 

I can only remember you, everyone else stopped mattering to me. I had Martha as a companion for a while, she was a doll. But.. It just wasn’t the same. I.. I can’t move on. No one was ever like you Rose.

No one at all. Fancy that though? The man who lives forever, hung up on one girl for an eternity. It really doesn’t make sense now, does it? 


I miss you.

I love you.

I promise, I’ll see you again. Please, live on. Just for a bit longer without me. I know you can do it. I know it.