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Ezra is Charles DiLaurentis

Out of everyone who could be Charles, I hope it is Ezra, because he has always been a part of the show and most of the other suspects have moved away or are rarely mentioned anymore.

So on to some of the many reasons Ezra is Charles…

  • Ezra is shady and dates younger girls (including Aria and Alison), which may have also led to obsessions with Alison and her relationship with her friends. 

“The key to that is in Ali’s relationship with the girls. That’s where Charles’ fascination stems from” 

- Joseph Dougherty on Big  A’s fixation on the Liars  

  • He was accused of being A and had a lair full of information on the girls- the one playing Charles may be someone who has been suspected by the liars since the audience “should be able to go back to season 1 and see how obvious it is”, which it would be obvious since Ezra had a lair, was suspected of being A, been there since the beginning, and has been a shady character with evidence against him.
  • He has been one of the only boyfriends/partners of the liars that has not had contact with A or threatened by A
  • Aria is targeted the least and may only be targeted when Aria does something really bad or needs to be punished to avoid suspicion
  • He has a lot of free time, did not have a job for a period of time and now owns the Brew, but does not have to do a ton of work.
  • He seems to always be there
  1. Halloween Train
  2. When Toby’s house blew up/Bethany Young was first mentioned 
  3. When the girls went to see Ali in Philly, he was in New York following “A”-more like following the girls as A
  4. And other times when he just should not have been there
  • He has access to money through his family, even though he claims they do not support him at all, he also had $50,000 in his sock drawer, which A was rewarded for giving Jason information about Alison.
  • He may be board shorts, the right age, has a temper-“if he finds out he’s going to kill me”, and he did meet Alison several times throughout “that summer”
  • He was talked about by Alison in her dairy/journal (she never said his name, I believe called him board short) and said he ate boysenberry berry pie and drank beer. Also in 4.17, Spencer walked into that pub and finds Ezra there and after he leaves, his beer arrives, while the Poison Berry Pie was already on the table…
  • He is not close to his family, which may be because he is actually adopted and is truly a DiLaurentis
  • He has always been a shady person, never telling Aria about the book, lying to the girls about who he is- being Ali’s ex, gaining trust of the girls and then doing something bad to make them dislike him
  • The A texts started when Aria got back, but also when Ezra moved to Rosewood permanently.
  • It has been pointed out by several people that Ezra has several phones and phone numbers… which he would only need to keep something a secret or to not be traced
  • Ezra’s face fits quite perfectly with the head of Charles (yes, actors and actresses both play A and the person playing A did not know they were officially A until recently, but this does not mean that sometimes they had the actor playing Charles, be the one masked)
  • He looks very similar to The Great Charlemagne, which Marlene King also said was a major clue
  • He is always only ever hugging or kissing Aria when they are together, you rarely see them as a couple without holding hands or doing something somewhat sexual.
  • Adding to the one above in a way, Ezra is much older than Aria- PLL time right now, Ezra is 24 and Aria is 18, but when they met she was only 15, turning 16, which made their relationship even more illegal.
  • If Ezra were writing a book about Alison because he couldn’t about his life, wouldn’t he have known that Malcolm was not his son?
  • Ezra tends to slam his fist on tables when he is upset and so does A. (Ezra seen in 5x25, Welcome to the Dollhouse and A was seen in 6x01, Game On, Charles)
  • He fits the age of who we believe Charles is, 24, if the age would be similar to Jason’s.

HEARTCRUSHING PROMPT: Alison endures a christmas day that causes the desperate need to numb her mind, on her search for the relief of a better christmas day, she views the one thing, that shoots through her very heart. Nothing could be worse right? Well she was wrong! She flee’s from the sight not able to cope anymore. These simple events set in line for the worst moment of Emily’s life, she watches her one true love, possibly slip away to heaven infront of her very eyes.. Emily is distraught, especially upon Alison’s last words. Nothing can change the unbearable grief she feels - Emily needs alison to pull through - but will she? Or will the angels take her?. Read more to find out ;)

Id like to thank my beta, musicnightingale , for spending her precious time on reading my writing and allowing me to crush her heart more than once too. Also thankyou for sending in this wonderful prompt.

I hope you all enjoy having your heart crushed. 

Warning: may have the odd swear word.

Love, nobody really ever truly tells you how heartbreaking and utterly miserable it can make you when that one person - the one who means everything to you, the one that warms your sole just from viewing them across the street, hearing there voice over the phone, perhaps a simple text message, or seeing their endearing smile - when the person you once loved no longer expresses it back to you. Sure Alison had never been one to express her true feelings to Emily, but deep down she pinned relentlessly for her mermaid. If she had known the agony love causes the soul, maybe her life would of been different the day she first spotted Emily, perhaps she would have chosen to keep walking past her, instead of pausing, smiling and saying “Hi, I’m Alison”. She would of continued walking down the halls of their wretched school, unknowing of who is her one and only, wondering if she would ever meet them or if she already had. But the fact is, even if she had known that her life was about to shatter into a billion shards today, six years on from when she met the majestic goddess, she still without a doubt would stop in that exact moment and say hi. She never could deny the immensely strong magnetisation to the girl, even if at first she could not recognise or understand it. The moment her eyes first landed upon the beautiful brunette, it was impossible to just walk past, she was never going to walk past her, she was always going to approach her, be her friend, she was always going to repeat that moment and fall hopelessly in with love with her, down to the very last fibre of her broken soul.

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This a sneak peek photo form 6x04. It’s a map from Rosewood and each red point says, from left to right: Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna. If A/Charles, while in the Dollhouse put body trackers inside the girls, i’m gonna lose it. It would explain that scene where they were in the “morgue” unconscious in 6x01.

The Melissa/Mona Timezone Confusion Corrected and Edited

Ok this is to clear up all of the Melissa and Mona confusion that I’ve received concerning the time.

Mona and Lucas’s meeting with Paige, Melissa, and the other people were earlier in the day on the same day as the Bridal show. The episode is actually split into three episodes basically in a course of two days… starting with episode 4.23 ‘Unbridled.’

Please take note: The day before the Bridal Show, we see Emily extremely upset with Paige for ratting Ali out to the cops. Paige sensed that things would be a bit rocky but she didn’t expect Em to be this upset by her actions.This was Paige’s first indication that their relationship was heading downhill.


On the day of the Bridal Show the liars arrived at the DiLaurentis house to get dressed.

Meanwhile, Spencer was up to something, I’m not quite sure what though. Apparently, she left out of the tent for some strange reason which had nothing to do with the girls plan for getting into Ali’s room.

She just so happen to spot Mrs. D handing a suitcase to someone when she stepped out. Her curiosity was running wild as she wondered who the person was. I posted in an earlier theory that the person was CeCe Drake that Mrs. D handed the luggage to (Read it Here).

In that theory I stated that CeCe was being followed by someone who apparently called the cops on her which is why she was in police custody in the beginning of the Season 4 finale. The liars had discovered Ali’s whereabouts and she told them that they needed to come to Philly, but not before Paige could talk to Emily.

Once the liars made it to Philly, A had turned in CeCe to Rosewood Police Department.

The liars were talking to Noel in Philly who convinced them that Ali was in New York and he had to take them to her.

During this time CeCe was in police custody and telling Detective Holbrook that Ali was alive and who killed the girl in her grave.

The liars made it to New York and were awaiting Alison, as they wondered why she would trust Noel.

Holbrook and the rest of the RPD went to the Hastings residence in search of evidence, just as Melissa fake arrive from London. Apparently, she was in Rosewood long before, according to Toby in 5,02 episode..

As the Hastings family were taken down to the precinct for questioning the liars were listening to Ali’s confession about what happened the night she disappeared.

Meanwhile, Jessica DiLaurentis was called to the police station regarding new information about her daughter, Alison. When she arrives she sees CeCe Drake walking by in handcuffs

There is a twin. You will meet this person soon. Within a few episodes,” she hinted,” adding that the twin just so happens to be an identical one. She added, “I promise, if you wait for it, you will look back and say “OMG, I get it!”

Oh, and that’s not all the interesting info she dished out. Not only will we find out who killed Charlotte and whether the new Big Bad is one person or a team of two before the end of the seventh season, but fan-favorite characters such as Jenna, Jason, Noel, Lucas, Melissa and Wren are all returning to Rosewood at one point or another. “That’s the plan! #endgame,” she verified.


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I know everyone is excited for the twin, I’m excited that Noel will be back! :D As far as who I’d like to see with a twin, I’m hopeful that it’s Aria or Jenna. But I’d be okay with anyone having a twin as long as it’s not Sara or Bethany.