rosewood collective

Rosewood issue #1

Hey guys! Sorry for the low-quality pictures, but as you can see my webcomic, Rosewood, is now officially in print! This first issue is 50 pages long with perfect binding. It will be showing up in with retailers and sold personally and autographed by me at conventions I am attending in limited edition. If you can’t manage to get your hands on the first issue, have no fear. The complete collection of Rosewood will be available once the series is finished.

Now that the of work involving printing is over, I’ll also be getting back to updating the webcomic online at the regular schedule. Thank you all for being so patient with me. 

Where were you in the autumn of 1987?  This Olympic white American Standard Stratocaster was being born in Corona CA in 1987.  It turns 27 this year!

Whoa - hold on a sec.  The “27 Club” doesn’t apply to guitars, right?!?  Especially OLYMPIC WHITE STRATOCASTERS, right??!?