rosewood avenue

That night, we lied in bed together. Outside, the world was quiet as if time itself stood still as our bodies pressed against one another. Enthralled by the very essence of your being, I threw caution to the wind. I stripped down and left myself bare.

Strewn across the floor were our clothes and everything I thought I knew about love. Lying there chest to chest, it was if we were sharing the same breath, the same body, the same soul. In that moment, I swore you would never hurt me.

I guess even when it feels right, we can still be wrong.

—  Rosewood Avenue 
Til the End Draws Near-- Part V

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Oliver dismounted from his bike, picking up a discarded pop can threw it against the wall. He was so angry he picked up another one, and another. The actions were repeated, each smack of the can hitting brick harder than the last one. 

Oliver swore. 

He could hear Diggle and Lyla arguing on the comms, catching bits of their heated conversation. Diggle was doing a fine job of expressing how Oliver felt–betrayed and disappointed. But unlike John, this didn’t come as a surprise. Of course Lyla would do something like this. Oliver just blamed himself that he didn’t suspect it sooner. He’d’ve stopped Felicity. 

He let himself spiral, let himself feel the anger, the worry, the desperation. They were losing time, they were no closer to Felicity, and they had no leads cause Lyla burned them all. 

Finally, he’d had enough.”Stop!” Birds on the fire escape above him flutter away from his shout.  “Both of you. This isn’t helping us save Felicity, which is our priority right now! You two can hash this out later!”

Oliver pressed his lips together. Just as he opened his mouth to issue orders, he heard his phone sound. And not a usual pop or ding. It sounded like an emergency alarm. The whoop sounded low, slid up the scale, and pierced a whistle. His phone did this twice. 

He fumbled pulling it out. but saw one large word covering his entire screen. 



“Why–” He heard a rolling chair in the background. 

“Just DO IT!” Two seconds later, after frantic typing, he heard a good sound. 

“Oh that brilliant girl.” 

Knowing Felicity, he straddled his bike, purring to life after securing his phone in a gps position. 

“Tell me where she is, Curtis!” 

“oh but this is so smart! She rerouted the signal using a bimetric process–”

“I don’t care about the semantics! GET ME HER LOCATION.” Oliver roared.

“Pennytown. I think. We’re still triangulating her position.” 

Pennytown was north of his location. Rosewood Avenue would be the fasted route. It was straight, had few stop signs, and low traffic. The only downside was the speed limit– which he broke on a daily limit. 

Pushing the bike to it’s limit, he flew down the street, weaving around cars crossing intersections, and narrowly missing a pedestrian. 

“Watch out!” The poor student yelled, shaking his fist. Oliver ignored him, barely seeing the road as it was. He had Felicity in his mind’s eye, tied to a computer, simpering in pain. She needed him, now. 

 “Turn left! I said LEFT!” Curtis yelled in his ear. “Finally narrowed down. She’s in one of three buildings on Pine and 67th. That’s all I got.”

Oliver barely acknowledge him with a grunt. He revved his bike faster. 

“Oliver,” Diggle spoke, “I have Dinah on route to your location. She’s about 2 minutes behind you, coming from the precinct.”

“Rene find anything yet? I don’t like going in blind.”  

“Not yet, Hoss. I’ll let you know.” 

The corner in question came in view. Not in the Green Arrow suit, Oliver pulled out a balaclava, rolling it down his face before tugging up the hood on his sweatshirt. 

He was going in there without any protection. No Kevlar, no leather to protect him. Just cotton. He hesitated, hearing John’s words repeating themselves. 

You’re no good to her dead!

“John,” he whispered, hating the anxious note. “Is Dinah bringing an extra vest?”

It was Dinah who answered. “I grabbed your spare suit from your office, Boss. Just in case you changed you mind. But I have an extra vest, sure.” 

Oliver parked his bike, waiting. Two minutes wouldn’t change anything. He could wait for Dinah, save Felicity and not die trying. He was no good to her dead. 

Things could change drastically in two minutes though. A little voice whispered. Felicity could bleed out in two minutes. A bomb could go off in two minutes. You could get shot standing on the street in two minutes. 

He shook off such thoughts. He didn’t deserve the suit, didn’t know why Dinah thought that was a good idea. He wanted to rush in there, arrows flying, throwing punches, but that was the monster, the rage within. The monster couldn’t help Felicity. Only he could. By being Oliver Queen, he could. 

“ What you’re feeling isn’t darkness. It’s a schism. You’re at war with two sides of yourself.” 

Felicity’s words of last year came back to him. He was fighting a war. And how do you end wars? Sign a peace treaty. Compromise. 

This is what she’d been trying to tell him all along. What he’d been failing to do the last five years. He was the monster and the man. He couldn’t take one out of the other and trying to do so, was how he created this whole situation. 

“The light and the dark.” Shado, a voice from the past. 

He couldn’t be either Oliver Queen or the Green Arrow. 

They were one and the same. Defining them by themselves had him split in two. 

I hate how you refer to yourself in third person.” Diggle this time. 

Running away to Ivy Town with Felicity he’d chosen Oliver Queen. Lying to Felicity he’d chosen the monster. Back and forth he’d chosen one over the other. But what if… what if he stopped doing that?

And chose both. 

Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow is Oliver Queen. There is no one or the other.

Such an epiphany left Oliver feeling light, hopeful. Like he could handle anything life threw at him right now. 

that crashed as soon as Dinah pulled up next to him. “Here boss,” she passed him a vest. 

No. The suit please.”

Thought you might want it.” 

Just as he reached over to take it, Rene spoke through the comms. “Found something, Oliver. But I don’t think you’ll like it. I found out who took Felicity, but it’s not who you think. “

to be continued… 


Whitney Jade Washuta, 25, shot to death by ex-boyfriend

“A woman shot to death Tuesday night in a West Hollywood residential area was killed by her ex-boyfriend, who later took his own life, according to authorities.

The Los Angeles County coroner Wednesday identified the woman as Whitney Jade Washuta, 25, of West Hollywood.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the shooting was reported at 8:43 p.m. in the 8700 block of Rosewood Avenue, near Robertson and Beverly boulevards.

Washuta was found with a gunshot wound to the upper torso, authorities said. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

About 10 p.m that evening, the Los Angeles Police Department found the body of a 27-year old Pacific Palisades man, Kyle Patrick Ramsey, holding a handgun in a vehicle parked about a mile away.”

In the Back of the Alley [Chanyeol Vampire!AU: Pt.3/3]

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“Sheer willpower? Possessiveness?” Chanyeol offered in a tone that you knew meant he was smirking cockily, shifting into a fighting pose to back up his statement. “Take your pick. Either way, you’re not getting near her.” 

It was clear from his body language that he meant it, a fact that allowed a prick of emotion to touch your heart as you lay there, trying to maintain consciousness and clutching your neck feebly to staunch the blood flow.

And then the others launched at him. One of the intruders was focusing on the attack, snarling and tearing, crimson eyes ablaze and fangs out, while the other was prowling, watching the brawl, and waiting for a gap in Chanyeol’s defense. You let out a shocked, ragged gasp, punctured by a grimace of pain and a wave of dizziness. The vampire watching you gave a taunting grin, letting his eyes flick to the two other fighters, who were moving farther away from you, and slid his feet forward, closing in on your position against the wall. You made a sudden jolt in alarm, in which a small rectangle slid out of your jacket pocket, clattering on the cracked cement beneath you.

Your phone.

In a moment of panic, your eyes flew up to the supernatural scene unfurling before you. To her eyes, it looked like Chanyeol was subduing his attacker, forcing the bystander to shift his focus, angling himself more towards his weakening companion and slanting his body into a defensive posture in preparation for making an offensive move. Taking advantage of your opportunity, you peeled your bloody hand from your still profusely bleeding neck, releasing a strong scent of iron,  and shakily clutched your phone. Repeatedly you pressed the emergency call button, your fingers slipping on your screen due to the blood coating your fingertips, not stopping until you heard the dial tone.

“Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?” a cool female tone answered on the second ring.

You let out a gasp, nearly dropping your phone in your haste to put it to your ear. “H-hello! Yes, yes, I, um, I need help…I’m in a-an alley and I-I’ve been attacked and th-there are men fighting, p-please send help,” you choked out urgently into the phone, keeping a careful watch on the scene in front of you. The one who had started watching Chanyeol had now joined the fray, whilst the other attacker who had begun the assault was laying on the ground beside them, unconscious.

“Can you give me an address?” the operator asked calmly. It was almost aggravating, how easily she was responding while you were laying on concrete in the back of an alley, bleeding to death, while vampires were fighting over you.

“Y-yes, it’s off-off of, um, Rosewood A-avenue,” you hiccuped, feeling the black spots crop up in your vision again. “In the back of the alley.” You clapped a hand to your neck again, letting the tears fall freely now, even shaking with the force of your cries, as it looked like Chanyeol was losing his fight, and quickly. And if you had to had to be a vampire’s snack, you’d really prefer it be your boyfriend.

“The police and ambulance are on their way and will be there shortly. Stay where you are,” she instructed coolly, before hanging up.

Your phone slid from your ear, where it clattered on the street. Don’t cry, don’t cry, this is going to make you pass out faster, just relax. But you were almost past the point of no return, evidenced by the tingling that spread through your body from the crown of your head and the feeling that the feral sounds of the fight in front of you were coming from a tunnel that was far, far away. Despite your fading sense, you dragged your attention to the blurry figures in front of you, looking like dancing shadows if not for the snarls and growls erupting from them.

A wave of liquid night slid over your eyes briefly, and in the darkness, you heard what seemed to be flesh tearing coupled with a scream of agony, and you fought against the blackness to see who the cry came from. Not him, please not him…

Vision flooded back in crystalline detail, just in time for you to see Chanyeol tear his hand out of the chest of his attacker, clutching a still beating and pulsing heart. He smirked down at it with a look of satisfaction, while the owner of the muscle dropped to his knees before falling face first onto the concrete of the alley at the feet of Chanyeol. Still smiling manically while clutching the heart, he met your eyes, just as they rolled back into your head and you fell into dreams of gods and monsters.

You woke up not to the sounds of a supernatural fight, but to a constant beeping. The annoyance and confusion brought on by the chirping forced your eyes to open, revealing the sterile brightness of a hospital room. 

There was an IV pumping blood into the crook of your left elbow, and a thick pad of gauze was taped to the side of your neck, bringing back your last memories. 

You shot up in alarm, the beeping of the heart monitor increasing, as you looed around instinctively, only for a cool hand to press into your shoulder from the right, shifting your attention sharply. Chanyeol was hovering over you, a look of concern plastered across his elfish features. 

“I know you’re scared, but you need to relax,” he instructed, letting a smile flash as you heeded his words. His smile vanished just as fast as it appeared, the rest of him sinking into a chair at your side. “I am so, so, so unbelievably sorry, Y/N. It’s my fault you’re in here, it’s my fault you’re hurt…” Chanyeol’s head fell into his hands, making your heart twinge with a flood of emotions, ranging from anger, to gratitude, to fear.

“You’re right,” you noted quietly, watching his every movement. He looked up sadly at your words.

“Do you want me to leave? I completely understand if you never want to see me again.”

You deliberated for a moment, the last two years of your relationship flashing in your mind. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a vampire? I was thinking that you were cheating on me for the last month, with the way you were acting.”

He ran a hand through his hair, mussing it up. “I was terrified. I didn’t understand what was happening with me, and the last thing I wanted was to end up-” He motioned to the hospital room you were residing in. “Here.” 

You remained silent, waiting for more of an explanation. “I was doing so good with controlling my thirst when around you, making sure to feed before I saw you, but the more I smelled your scent, the more I wasn’t able to control my thirst. I needed your blood, and that’s when everything fell apart last night.” Chanyeol sighed, leaning back against his chair and crossing his arms. “I tried to talk to the vampire who turned me, Suho, and he said it’s because you’re my mate. That’s why it’s harder for me to control my thirst.”

Swallowing, you let out a shaky sigh, trying to absorb all of what he told you. “I guess it’s a good thing I’ve got a weakness for vampires taking on two at once for me, if you’re my mate and all,” you mumbled wryly. A giant grin spread across his features, bringing back the look you loved so much, making your lips curve up to mirror his actions. Chanyeol rose, leaning over you and kissing your forehead sweetly. “It most definitely doesn’t make up for attacking me entirely, but you’re on the right path.”

That was way longer than I intended. So concludes this mess! Now onto bigger and better AUs.

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Baker boy- part 1(TAYVIN AU)

“I’m sorry Adam, but it wasn’t my decision!” Amy, the only person who worked at the bakery apart from Adam, said.

“But why do you have to go so quickly?” Adam asked, running his hands through his hair in despair.

Amy had just told him that she and her family were moving overseas the next week and she had to stop working after today to get everything packed up. It was very last minute but her husband’s work meant that they always had to move suddenly.

“You knew this could happen when you hired me…. I’m sure you will be able to find someone!” Amy said.

“Yeah…as if anyone wants to work at a failing bakery.” Adam huffed, going back into the small kitchen.

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