rosewater wine

typical offerings of mine

note: i can’t offer incense because one of the people I live with is allergic, so. also this is a really similar post to one opalborn made earlier, I just thought I’d hop on the bandwagon

daily prayers: whatever food i’m eating at the time, plus sometimes i bake extra stuff

Zeus: rainwater, wine, olive oil

Hera: white wine, olive oil, rosewater, flowers (recently, a candle shaped like a rose)

Poseidon: seashells, water

Athena: olive oil, white wine, baked food, a lot of poetry

Aphrodite: wine, rosewater, flowers, honey

Artemis: silver stuff, black stone, white wine, a lot of poetry

Hermes: pennies, wine

Dionysos: red wine, candles

Haides and Persephone: red wine, water, black candle, buried food

Hekate: red wine, fish, garlic

Asklepios: olive oil, white wine, once or twice blood

Apollo: music activities, dandelions, candles

Demeter: garden activities, food, grain, water

everyone: olive oil, wine, water, honey