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River looked up, hearing footsteps coming towards her on the otherwise deserted street. She was sure exactly where of when she was. She just needed to get away from the mess she had ‘accidentally’ gotten herself into with the Headless Monks. They didn’t take no for an answer sometimes. She saw the young blonde woman come closer to her though she couldn’t recognize the features yet. “Hello? Excuse me. Do you know the date?”


“So, Rose…” He shot her an encouraging smile.
“Where do you want to go, once again?”
The smile grew even wider, almost reaching across his entire face. There was a sense of insecurity in his voice though, a hint of fear and restlessness. He’d lost her once. He’d lost her again. He wouldn’t be able to go through that a third Time, oh no.
“It really depends on what you want to see. Earth? Another planet? A moon, maybe? Or a satellite? Oh! And let’s not forget the time! Time’s important, isn’t it? A lot can change over the ages, or even in a matter of seconds. Funny thing, eh?”
He mentally drifted off for a second, before snapping back.
“Sorry! Got a little lost. Anyway… What do you think? All of time and space, you choose!”

coloursofrose  asked:

Sun flower

Sun flower: What brings you happiness? 

Well, let’s recall, eh?

I asked you to travel with me, agreed to Christmas dinner despite my discomfort in the ‘domestic’, gave up my TARDIS, my coat, and my entire natural being just to stay in this universe.

What makes me happy then? I’ll tell you. In two words, Rose, you do.

Stuck on the moon with dwindling oxygen requires thinking on one’s feet. Sometimes plans change so quickly there’s no time to explain, and he just has to rely on his clever companion to keep up with his plan. He skids to a halt, and turns toward said companion suddenly. “Rose…trust me.”

He’d explain things properly later, because he wouldn’t want her to think…well, to think the wrong thing. This isn’t the way he’s ever envisioned that, so he’s not about to let it be. Just like the other times that were exceptions that didn’t count. He only waits long enough for a sign of confirmation from her, before he cups her cheeks in his hands and leans down quickly to press his lips to hers.

Genetic transfer. The quickest and easiest way is through mouth-to-mouth contact. It would linger for a few days, even, but…best not to tell her. Still, considering the situation, he couldn’t risk her lips being resistant due to the wax of the lip-balm he tastes. It’s entirely for that reason that his tongue flicks out and runs over her bottom lip, exploring at first and then determined.

His tongue is rough enough that it only takes a couple of swipes to be sure it’s clear, but when she gasps (due to the temperature differential of his tongue on skin, probably), it’s just so easy to ease into the ki—genetic transfer. The very thorough one. Her tongue and mouth are as warm as his are cool, a fascinating dichotomy. Dimly, he’s aware of her arms curling around him, and his own drop to her waist, pulling her in, shifting the angle of the kiss so as to allow more thorough and free exploration. She tastes of peppermint and fluoride.

He can feel her sigh, and he catches her lip between his teeth, tugging gently, and swiping his tongue along it once more. To make sure of the transfer, obviously.

Speaking of, he can hear the Judoon approaching now. No time to waste! He pulls away then, gives her a wink, and dashes down the hallway.