Succulent print design - Agave, Echeveria, and Graptopetalum species in Watercolor and Ink. I like making these patterns but not sure what to do with them. Any ideas? 


i made this planter out of an old tree stump! it’s been home to coleus, sedum, and now a sempervivum.
it’s been growing like crazy, as you can see with all those offsets. it’s in full afternoon sun, i never water it, but it does get the barest hint of a mist in the morning from the sprinklers.

We had over two feet of snow here in NYC yesterday so it’s the perfect time for me to be working on a watercolor painting of these cold-hardy Sempervivums. In fact we have a few of them in a box on the other side of the window under all of that snow. I’m sure they don’t mind it at all!