Black history month day 19: musical pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Rosetta was born on March 20, 1915 to a pair of musicians in Arkansas. Her parents were also active in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). This denomination encouraged musical expression, rhythm and dancing, and female preaching. Rosetta’s mother was a preacher and, at her encouragement, Rosetta began singing and playing the guitar as Little Rosetta Nubin at the age of four and was cited as a musical prodigy. By the age of six, Rosetta became a regular performer in her mother’s traveling evangelical troupe.

Rosetta became well known for her music in an age where prominent black female guitar players were a rarity. At the age of 23 she begin her recording career and became one of the first gospel performers to have the mainstream success. She performed with prominent musicians like cab Calloway and was one of only two gospel singers who was able to send records to the troops overseas during World War II.

Rosetta Tharpe has been referred to as “the godmother of rock ‘n’ roll” and her style of music heavily influenced early rock-and-roll musicians, including Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

And because I just can’t justify posting this without an actual example of how talented she was, click this link to hear one of her classic songs:

Whenever a rock musician lets loose a glorious guitar solo, we’re in the living presence of Rosetta, who made a habit of playing as loud as she could, based on the Pentecostal belief that the Lord smiled on those who made a joyful noise.
—  Shout, Sister, Shout!: The Untold Story of Rock-N-Roll Trailblazer Sister Rosetta Tharpe (p.216)

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I decided to go back and play the bonus levels in Mario 3D World that I never finished. I had forgotten how great Rosalina looks in red. Almost Christmasy. Seemed like the appropriate time to draw her!

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Happy Thanksgiving guys. I’m really grateful for all you guys here and for all the friends I’ve made in this fandom. You’re all great and I love you. Tomorrow marks the start of the Christmas season so I felt inspired to do some festive doodles. This is the only reason I keep those fashion catalogs from the mail around. In case I want to draw something seasonal and festive. I’ll do more of the cast throughout the month.


I found Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s discography and I’ve been listening to it all morning, picking out the songs I like. I feel like this one could use a hard revival. 

There is no room in church for liars, get behind
Your lying words, your lying actions,
Why you just lie for satisfaction!
There is no room in the church for liars, get behind


Hidden Figures: Sister Rosetta Tharpe #BlackHERstoryMonth 3/28

Known as the Godmother of Rock'N'Roll, Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a singer who crossed over to dominate mainstream music with her style of gospel. A musical prodigy, Tharpe traveled the country performing gospel with her mother, where she became known for her powerhouse vocals and intense guitar riffs. A rare gospel artist that was willing to sing in nightclubs, Tharpe embraced secular audiences as one of only two female guitarists prominent in that era. Her signature guitar-picking style, soulful wailing, and blend of holy spirituals with boisterous swing music was a major precursor to rock'n'roll and served as an inspiration for everyone from Elvis Presley to Chuck Berry.

#HiddenFigures #BlackHERstoryMonth


Sister Rosetta Tharpe — “Up Above My Head”, c. 1955 – 1960