Summer is ending.
The flowers are losing their hue.
I can feel the chill of Autumn approaching.
This unforeseen coldness reminds me of you.

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Title: Summer Is Ending
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2016
Decks: Illusori Tarot, Tarot Of The Holy Light, Rosetta Tarot
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Day: Twenty-Five | Five of Wands
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Another successful food tour of Asheville, NC! Asheville is a vegan mecca. I am never disappointed and always spend a disproportionate amount of time and money on food in this city. So here’s another vegan food roundup.

Pictured is a local IPA that paired perfectly with a lazy day by the Laurel River and:

  • Mamacita’s: you can’t go wrong with burritos and burrito bowls. I opted for the burrito bowl so I could get every. single. topping. Go for the Veggie Mama - it comes with kale, sweet potato, black beans, and all the other shit you want on your impending food baby.
  • Rosetta’s: this is one of my favorite spots, and I know I’ve posted a few pictures of meals from this snazzy place before. Pictured above is the tofu herb sandwich with sweet potato fries (you may never eat a better tofu sandwich, no joke), the pad thai, and chorizo tacos with queso. If you’re a kombucha fan, quaff a “Buchi” from the kombucha bar downstairs. I tried the orange, passion fruit, mango & wildcrafted sea buckthorn and kind of maybe totally fell in love. I’m kind of maybe totally in love with Rosetta’s entire menu. 
  • Not pictured is food from Nine Mile, some tasty sweet treats from Rosetta’s and the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, and several beers (ok maybe a keg’s worth) from Wicked Weed Brewing and Bhramari Brewhouse. Sometimes hanger takes over and I have no patience to snap photos. Nine Mile is perfect for carb loading in a Caribbean context (think two boxes of pasta and bread per dish). French Broad Cholocates offers a few incredibly rich vegan items like ice cream, sipping chocolate, and cake. The thai ice cream, olive oil chocolate cake, and mexican sipping chocolate with coconut milk will give you mouth orgasms and make you wonder why the fuck brands like Hershey’s and Breyer’s ice cream still exist.
  • In all honestly I could happily consume all my calories at Wicked Weed or Bhramari if it weren’t for the incredible restaurants in Asheville. Bhramari’s kettle sour was insanely bright, tart, and refreshing. Not heavy or bloating at all. Perfect for a hot day.

Rosetta by jenniferrxv