Click here to visit my brand new Patreon!

Hello everybody! I’m excited to announce that I’ve launched a Patreon for my art! I will be having all kinds of fun things going on there, including exclusive sketches not posted anywhere else, reward tiers that include monthly commissions and PSDs, among other things! I would be thrilled if you’d check it out <3 Thank you!

If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a way to support your favorite artists and content creators with a monthly subscription. So basically you could choose to send me any amount through Patreon, starting at $1 per month, and the money would go towards me creating more art, *plus* you get special rewards for subscribing! It’s a win for both of us~

If you like my art and would like to support it in some way, please consider subscribing!


Steven Universe keychains now all available on my Etsy shop! >w<