Chapter 2:

Icepaw moved her tail over Coldkit’s face as he let out a mew, “What happened! You said you were going to tell me what happened at the gathering!”

“Oh nothing really, Coldkit, it was just some boring meeting.” Icepaw lied.

“That’s not true! I hear that something happened!” He pressed his paw over her tail and looked at her with narrowed eyes.

“Mouse brain, you’re not ready for the gathering stories yet, I’d rather save your breath than tell you what WindClan did.”

Coldkit perked his ears, “So something did happen! Icepaw, I’m almost five moons old now, I’m not that young! Tell me what happened.”

“Ok, ok, save your prey. Well, it started out great and the Clan leaders were addressing what news they brought from their lives, well, when Tawnystar of WindClan spoke. She said that ShadowClan had stolen prey from their land, Rosestar objected and then the Clan leaders broke out into an argument. Bramblestar and Lakestar, of RiverClan, tried to defend the ShadowClan leader but Tawnystar just wasn’t willing to listen. So, with that, she sprang out at Rosestar and killed her.” Icepaw explained.

“But, isn’t that against the gathering rules and warrior code?”

She nodded, “Now all I know is that Tawnystar could have either taken her one life or the last life of Rosestar.”

She looked at him with sorrow, “ShadowClan is very tin too, their prey is scarce and their looking bad. But I don’t think that they would steal prey from another Clan, I could be wrong though. I’ve only been an apprentice for three days now.”


A gray she-cat with white spots called to the young kit, it was Grayfeather, and Coldkit looked at her and sighed. “I’m coming; I’ll see you later, Icepaw.”

Icepaw watched after him as was left alone in the clearing of the camp, her only friend would soon be an apprentice with her. Coldkit often talked about what a great warrior he would be to ThunderClan, he wanted to become leader of his Clan, however he was not Clan-born, like her, Coldkit came from another life. She didn’t know her father or mother; she wished she had so she could be able to know what they were like. Coldkit seemed to be the only cat that liked her other than the warriors and elders, the other apprentices and kits seemed to like neither her nor Coldkit. She missed her friend; they grew up together in the nursery.

“Icepaw,” a voice called from the medicine cat’s den.

Icepaw looked toward the medicine cat, Herbnose, and raced toward him. “What is it?”

“Can you help me with getting these herbs to Nightfrost? She’s very sick and I’m not sure if she will be able to make it through this upcoming leaf bare,” the black tom explained.

She nodded and grabbed a mouth full of herbs before retrieving into the den; Nightfrost was sitting in her nest, breathing heavily.

She dropped the herbs and looked at the medicine cat with worry, “What’s wrong with her?”

“I’ve just got a slight cold, little one, nothing serious,” the she-cat mewed in a rusty tone.

“A slight cold that could get worse and turn into white cough, what am I supposed to do when you go to hunt with StarClan? None of these kits show interest in becoming medicine cat and I’m almost as old as you!” Herbnose began to push some herbs toward the former medicine cat.

“Oh don’t say that, Icepaw is here isn’t she?”

“She’s an apprentice yes, but not a medicine cat apprentice.”

Nightfrost sighed, “Kits these days, they only wish to become the greatest warrior for ThunderClan.”

Herbnose sighed, “I’m afraid that is true.”

“Grayfeather and Goosefur have kits, maybe one of them might become your apprentice,” Icepaw suggested.

“It’s not that simple, Icepaw,” Herbnose looked at her.

She looked at the medicine cat with concern then looked away, “I have to go now.”

“Wait!” Nightfrost put her paw on Icepaw’s, “A cat with a great secret will fall into the paws of StarClan, and I know that this prophecy is of you.”

“But what about Coldkit? He has a great secret too,” she asked.

“Coldkit came from a kittypet life, his mother came to drop him off and asked to take care of him, she didn’t want her son to grow up living a soft life. You, however, we don’t know where you come from,” the black medicine cat explained, “your birth place is only known to Bramblestar. He knows where you come from, if you wish to know where you really are from, you should ask him.”

Icepaw stared at the medicine cat, what life did I have before? ThunderClan is the only place I’ve ever known, how can I be from another Clan or life? What if – “What if I come from the same life as Coldkit?”

“No,” Herbnose shook his head, “you came from someplace else, and the scent left on you was neither of twoleg nor Clan.”

Icepaw looked away from the two medicine cats; she didn’t understand why she was being told this now when she could have just grown up a normal life. She walked out of the den with her ears flat and her head low, why couldn’t I just grow up living a normal life? Why was I abandoned? Didn’t my mother and father love me?

She shook her head and looked up to find Bramblestar; she padded toward the leader’s den. Icepaw stopped, as she edged nearer the Clan leader’s den, a black cat stood staring at her. The tom stood in the middle of the clearing with his icy, cold stare narrowed. She stared at him, why are you here again? Who are you?


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