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If you don't mind,may I request headcanons for human s/o knowing that they will die before they do so they give them a plastic rose to them saying it represents that their love for them even after their death ( since it's a plastic rose not a real rose, it will remain the same unlike a real one will rot away) and something to remember them as well. What is TFP autobots' reactions to this?

My heart :‘3

(Dark content ahead, angst warning!)

Optimus Prime:
-He doesn’t understand why you would give him a rose at first, then it hits him hard
-He’s touched by the fact you’ll love him after death but please don’t think about that yet

-Nope! He’s not accepting it, he’s a genius and scientist. If he puts his mind to it, he can make you live forever even if it’s not in your natural body
-He also tells you he’ll probably shut down first anyways, he’s not that young

-He thinks it’s sweet but it takes him a long time to put two and two together, and when he does he gets bummed out
-He beeps at you not to talk about it anymore, he doesn’t want to think about you gone

-He picks you up and holds you close to him hushing you, you’re not talking about this
-He distracts you until it’s off you’re mind and you’re not thinking about it anymore. He never wants to hear you talk that way again

-She snaps at you, “are you dying today? Then why are you thinking that way?”
-She doesn’t mean to be rude, but she loss Tailgate and Cliffjumper, so she doesn’t want to think about losing you too

-He gives you a kiss on the head and tells you he will love you well after you’re gone and not to worry too much because you two have right now
-He keeps the rose in the Jackhammer, and when that gets destroyed he goes and finds it

-He doesn’t get it. “You’re dying? When? Why? How?”
-When you explain it to him, its like it’s the first time he realized how different you two really are, he gets super emotional and hugs onto you for a long time after that

Ultra Magnus:
-He thanks you for the rose and tells you to stop thinking that way
-One day you’re riding in his alt mode and you see it in his dashboard. When you point it out to him, he simply says it’s a gift from you to symbolize your love and he placed it somewhere he won’t lose it

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Hi I don't know if you've been asked this before but I'm a Persephone devotee, what is something I could use on my altar to signify her??

According to my Persephone tag, I have not answered this before! So let’s think up some ideas:

  • pomegranate seeds or representations
  • flowers, especially lilies, poppies and roses (even fake ones work!)
  • seeds
  • fruit symbols
  • parsley or mints
  • asphodel, poppy or cypress branch
  • fruit-infused water
  • art or prayers for Her
  • a combination of light colors and blacks, or floral prints on bags, art, etc.
  • coins
  • bows
  • flower hair clips
  • pretty jewelry
  • floral-scented candle

That’s all I can think of. Hope this helps!! And as always, feel free to add on 

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I just wanted to say that I completely agree with you on TLJ. I thought the movie had some very nice, emotional moments but that was pretty much it. The story is badly written, with some pointless storylines (Finn&Rose I'm talking about you, absolutely pointless storywise), which makes me sad for the characters I loved. Don't get me wrong, Rose is lovely, but both her and Finn were clearly fillers, not even agents of change in their own right! The movie also completely lacked a centre, a >

Tumblr must have lost the rest of your message.

Yeah, I agree about Rose and Finn. I’ve read so many posts pointing out problematic things about their characterizations and overall placement in the story. It’s so disheartening.

You know, one of my favourite film critics said something very interesting about this movie and Rian Johnson. He suggested that Rian was interested only in one aspect of TFA, and he had no idea what to do with the rest of it, so he wrote some useless side stories that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but they let him keep the main components of the story focused on his favourite characters. Like, people keep saying TLJ is mainly about Kylo, Rey and Luke, but really, Rey and Luke are there to serve Kylo’s arc. Their relationship ended up being about Kylo. They weren’t allowed to develop a deeper bond than the whole ‘I failed my nephew so badly’ and ‘Shit, you’re right.’ fiasco. What’s even more ridiculous, this conflict between them never gets resolved. Those characters ended up meaning so little to each other. It all feels so… empty.

I wish I could say I got emotional during certain big moments, but I was (and still am) too stunned and furious. Luke Skywalker is my favourite character in the whole saga. I watched him die and felt nothing. To be fair though, I cried about him on Sunday, when the leaks started popping up. I hope in time I’ll learn to appreciate those scenes, but right now I’m just too angry to look past Johnson’s fetish and very obvious disregard for what TFA accomplished in terms of setting up the story for this trilogy.

The most important thing about this setup was Finn and Rey’s storyarcs, including their relationship and individual connections to the main villain. Johnson knew Finn and Rey were important to each other, but he didn’t really feel like cherishing that connection. Which is kind of… maddening, frustrating and depressing… because we know that Daisy tried to intervene and cried a lot about it.  

I watched TFA so many times, and it’s really easy to see how many plot threads were disrespected, ignored or just denied for the sake of surprising the audience, which mostly felt like a cruel subversion of expectations and many theories this fandom has fought over for the past two years. ‘You wanted to know who Rey’s parents are or learn more about Snoke? You fucking idiot.’ It’s just… it’s bad writing, plain and simple.

Now we just need to wait for the box office results, because that’s all that matters. If this movie makes below one billion $, it’s gonna be considered a failure. I’m not sure LF is concerned about that low RT audience score. Like, I want to believe they will course-correct, but then again, I thought I trusted the Storygroup and their understanding of what Star Wars is truly about.

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hello - I don't know if you would know (or perhaps even agree with it), but I was wondering if you had an attraction spell? More so encourage it with someone else - many thanks :)

Like attracting a lover/romantic partner? I mean I personally am not against such magick. I’ve got something for ya! I hope this is what you were looking for in the first place lmao if not, then send me another ask, please.

Attract Love Spell Jar by Cuddly Cottage Witch

  • tools:

Candle / Wax cube, Jar, pink ribbon, ultra fine tip red marker, Vanilla extract/Vanilla beans, Rose petals, Apple seeds/ground Apple seeds, Allspice, Ground Cinnamon/ Cinnamon sticks, Himalayan Pink Salt/Regular Salt, Cherry stems, the mingling hearts sigil, the person you wish to attract’s name in a different alphabet of your choice (optional)

  • Light a candle/melt a wax cube that has a sweet scent to it, such as strawberry or vanilla or apple. The scent you choose is up to you. If you wish to attract someone in particular, you could also use a scent that reminds you of them. Don’t wait for it to melt entirely, just get it started.
  • The words of power have the jar ingredients and the purpose they serve in the spell. When adding each ingredient, chant that ingredient’s line of the words of power until you’ve finished putting that ingredient in. Pour your magickal intent into the jar along with its physical counterpart. Visualize who/what you want. This chant doesn’t really rhyme, I’m sorry lmao

Vanilla for Sweetness,

Roses for Romance,

Apples for Everlasting joy,

Cinnamon for Passion,

Allspice for Luck,

(Pink) Salt for Purity,

Cherry Stems for Seduction

  • Repeat the entirety of the words of power one last time as you close the lid on the jar.
  • Tie the pink ribbon around the neck of the jar. If you wish to attract a specific person, write their name on the inside of the ribbon. I’d recommend encrypting it by writing it in an alphabet the people around you can’t read, but that’s optional. Tie it up in a neat little bow. On the edges (the streamers?) of the bow, draw mingling hearts sigils. If the ribbon is too small, using your own simplified version of the sigil (or a different love sigil altogether) is just as powerful. Still keep your intent in mind as you do these things.
  • Seal the jar with some of the wax from the candle you’ve been melting
  • Let the candle finish burning/ let the wax finish melting, and have the jar sitting near it, becoming more charged with your intent.

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Oh my gosh, I really want you to draw this SU Occult AU! To be honest I don't even know what Occult is but it sounds pretty cool and I'm curious to see what Rose would look like as a vampire.

oh belieeeve me i want to. especially as they won’t look like gems so will need to be completely redesigned. also occult is a word used to describe something supernatural or magical etc.

me: (writing fanfic) hey, that’s a pretty good line

me: …where did I steal it from
Two Brides and the Bellas--Chapter Twelve | Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Um…that’s all, folks? I don’t know, what do you say about something like this? Y’all are rockstars, hope it was worth the wait.

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What would be your head canon of the crystal gems ethnicitys? What race do you like seeing in drawings of the gems if any? What's the stuff you don't like, or get tired of seeing?

I actually base my head canons on their VAs! So Garnet I see as Black British, Pearl as Filipina, Amethyst as Korean, etc. Also I see Steven and Rose as Jewish!

  • Steven and Rose as Jewish is p important to me I think bc from what I know (I could be wrong?) Judaism is usually passed down via the mother’s heritage. So even though I think Greg is Jewish too (heavy Jack Black influence), I think the inheritance of something spiritual and powerful from Rose to Steven is incredibly meaningful
  • Garnet is pretty much the only one I feel always should be Black. Like she can be Afro-Latina or Somali or ANYTHING as long as she’s visibly black, I just think it’s too important to her and what she means to young black girls as a heroic cartoon character
  • I also really like the Japanese or Indian head canons for Pearl! Japanese bc of her obi and Indian because her gem is in the spot of a bindi and her close relationship with Connie as a mentor figure and character foil
  • I really love versions of Amethyst as a Latina or Black girl (Black because of an AMAZING cosplay I saw of her that really fit her entire presence like ahh;; it was so good)
  • and tbh my favorite version of Peridot is a hijabi LMAO. I personally see her as a little Indonesian Muslim girl but she’s gotta have a hijab and big glasses it’s THE BEST VERSION OF PERI
  • the others are kinda vague for me, but I like Lapis as an East Asian baby, I personally see Korean for some reason but it’s open-ended

The only head canon I get a little tired of seeing is Pearl as white. I think the ballet association being European is understandable, but because I associate her with East and South Asians, who are commonly white-washed bc we’re seen as “vague” or “model minority” or “basically white lol” it’s just a bit sensitive for me and kind of a sore spot. I don’t hate on white cosplayers of Pearl but mainly when people illustrate her with suuuuuper euro-centric features I guess

  • [EDIT] I see Sapphire as Black too and Ruby as a Black/Filipina mix!

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Am I the only one unnerved by how Rose seemed to fall for Greg more like... A little pet than an actual crush? "You're awfully cute, and I really wanna play with you..." Maybe it's just paranoia after all the Suspicious Cartoon Theories started coming true left and right, but I almost felt like it was foreshadowing something. I don't know what, but something.

I also found Rose’s word choice weird. I feel, however, that it might have to do more with Rose just not having that much experience with humans.

She remarks that the “couldn’t help herself” from going to Greg’s concert, meaning that the Gems typically didn’t interact with humans from the town. She also took him literally when he said he wanted to leave Earth and never come back on the space train to the cosmos. 

What I think is important to remember, though, is that Rose isn’t inherently sinister. The exclusive reason that she’s even on Earth is that she loved humanity so much that she forsook her entire life and her home planet, forever. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Rose as this cold, calculation mastermind. And I mean sure, she probably has secrets. But her real, core motivation is her love of life on Earth. 

Essentially, I think it may have been her being awkward and rusty around humans. 

Who knows, though. We might get to learn more about Rose’s view of humans! 

Why was she so special?
  • I don't know why, like she's not the first companion he's had and I mean Not even Amy's lost was this traumatising for me or whovians.
  • What was it about her? She was something special and maybe because she properly died like I mean. Dead. Not sent away, not pulled back in time no... Dead. No coming back. Maybe the fact that she properly became the doctor's best friend . Think about it? For the doctor she's the longest companion he's had. Two versions of the doctor. Yeah I know Rose also was part of a regeneration story but I think is because for the doctor, he has known her for hundreds and hundreds of years or did we forget trenzalore? And also the fact that technically Clara was ALWAYS there, we just didn't know until the name of the doctor, and then later on in "listen" Clara influenced the doctor as a child having a hand in helping him become who he is.... So many factors... I've never seen so much sadness within the whovian community for a companion even from me till this day I cannot come across Clara not being the show anymore... Even though We knew Jenna was leaving this season but damn never expected for her absence to be felt so hardly... I remember crying like a baby in "face the Raven" and when Clara (or dream clara) said her final words in "heaven sent" ... I think the doctor was in love with Clara even more than rose. But it was more than romantic it was... It was sort of what missy explained in the beginning of season 9... When she explained what friendship meant for a time lord... Is unexplainable. Is above our understanding
  • "I've just watched my best friend die in agony, my day couldn't get any worse, let's see what we can do about yours" -the doctor

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I don't know who to send this to since I'm not really in the fandom but we can see the bottom half of the pink diamond mural in the diamond base when the gems come out of the portal and I haven't seen anyone talking about it. It almost looks like someone could be sitting on something to be the same size as the others but it's mostly pretty clear its not the case. Rose/Pink diamond theory has probably been obliterated and no one even noticed it.

Is this what you’re talking about? In It Could’ve Been Great?

Or am I missing something?