roses lullaby

Someday if I lose you,
how will you sleep without
my whispering above you
like the linden’s branches?

Without my lying here
awake and placing words, almost
like eyelids, on your breasts,
your limbs, your lips.

Without my closing you
and leaving you alone with what is yours
like a garden with a mass
of mint-balm and star-anise.

Rainer Maria Rilke, “Lullaby,” The Rose Window and Other Verse from New Poems (Bulfinch Press, 1997)


With eyes half-open, Martin watched the embers of the dying fire as he dozed off. The day of traveling had been hard on his paws, and he so badly wanted to sleep for a day. Grumm and Pallum had drifted off hours ago, stomachs full with the delicious trail rations Polleekin had sent with them.

Rose stirred silently at his side. She and Martin had stayed up late to talk, though Martin had mostly listened as Rose talked about her home at Noonvale. He could tell she missed the peaceful valley and was worried about the well-being of Brome, her younger brother. No sign of him nor Feldoh had been seen since they had started their journey eastward, though it was possible they had started off further north or south from where Martin and the others had washed ashore after their boat sank.

In her sleep, Rose shifted closer to Martin, using his shoulder as a pillow. Martin kept as still as possible as he stretched his arm out toward his pack to grab a blanket for her, but it was just out of reach. He tried to hook a claw around a loose thread, but caught only air.

Sighing contently, Martin relaxed and closed his eyes, ready to fall off to sleep. Just as he was almost asleep, a faint buzzing followed by a tingling on his nose informed him an insect has landed on him. Irritated at being disturbed, Martin twitched his nose and whiskers, trying to scare the bug away.

It flew away for a few seconds, but returned and continued its dance on Martin’s muzzle. A second nose twitch produced a similar result.

Finally fed up with the annoying insect, Martin opened his eyes to glare at it. The beetle-like creature buzzed as it landed on Martin before lighting up like a small ember.

“HellgatesSonOfA…” Martin sputtered as he scrambled backwards, brushing at his face.

The other three sleepers were quickly up and alert.

“Martin, what’s wrong?” Rose asked, looking around in concern, “Are we under attack?”

“What is that thing?” Martin gasped as he watched with wide eyes as the insect flew around the camp as its light blinked.

Rose giggled, “You’ve never seen one before?”

Martin shook his head in silence as he watched the creature with curiosity.

Humming softly, Rose extended her paw and allowed the insect to land. “It’s called a firefly.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“Only if you’re a leaf, silly.”

Martin lifted Rose’s paw toward his eyes and examined the glowing creature in awe. “How does it do that?”

“Its own special magic I suppose,” Rose guessed. “My Grandpa used to tell me that they were stars that got tired of hanging on to the sky.”

“Are there many of these?”

Rose nodded. “You want to see?” Facing into the forest, she began to sing.

Sleep, O babe, for the red bee hums
The silent twilight’s fall:
Aibheall from the Grey Rock comes
To wrap the world in thrall.
A leanbhan O, my child, my joy,
My love and heart’s desire,
The crickets sing you lullaby
Beside the dying fire. 

Dusk is drawn, and the Green Man’s Thorn
Is wreathed in rings of fog:
Siabhra sails his boat till morn
Upon the Starry Bog.
A leanbhan O, the pale half-moon
Hath brimmed her cusp in dew,
And weeps to hear the sad sleep-tune
I sing, O love, to you.

Faintly sweet doth the chapel bell
Ring o’er the valley dim:
Tearmann’s peasant-voices swell
In fragrant evening hymn.
A leanbhan O, the low bell rings
My little lamb to rest
And angel-dreams, till morning sings
Its music in your breast.

Sleep, O babe, for the red bee hums
The silent twilight’s fall:
Aibheall from the Grey Rock comes
To wrap the world in thrall.
A leanbhan O, my child, my joy,
My love and heart’s desire,
The crickets sing you lullaby
Beside the dying fire.

Martin watched entranced as, slowly at first, more and more fireflies entered the clearing, leisurely gliding around Rose, giving her the appearance of some glowing spirit. It was like standing in a field of stars. Everywhere he looked: glowing points of light circled the camp.

When Rose had finished her song, the little creatures remained for a minute before spreading out into the night, taking their magic light with them.

Pallum and Grumm had fallen asleep again, leaving Martin and Rose standing together.

“Rose…”Martin said, still caught up in the moment, “that was amazing.”

Rose smiled modestly, “Thank you, Martin.”

“Let me get you a blanket before we get back to sleep.”

“No thanks, I’m warm enough next to you.”

“Oh! Umm. Okay.” Martin set the blanket down to use as a pillow and lay down. Rose settled next to him.

“Don’t worry,” she said as he closed his eyes, “I’ll protect you from any more dangerous fireflies.”

“Gartan Mother’s Lullaby” by Joseph “Seosamh MacCathmhaoil” Campbell and Herbert Hughes

I don’t remember what it feels like to be real
soft body, half-pretzeled into
yesterday’s jeans and tomorrow’s
suede boots and socks. Do I 
remember losing a 
body or a poem or a 
slip of paper in the woods
somewhere, wherever my broken 
heart is sleeping and
breathing still. 

My body is 
no temple - more shoebox, 
more mason jar of loose change. 
I find these poems, half-written, as 
if I am not there to write them. Like my 
world isn’t opening and closing, 
the clamshell of reality 
sifting soft lullabies like
rose petals, like winter rain, like
orange peels and chamelias. 

I am not fully real. 
I am a fire
not like a hearth 
but a campfire
a cigarette ember:
a pyre, a death. 


“How long are you gonna with stay with me?”


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