roses in art


Played a  Doodle Game with DanielasDoodles and had a blast today! Thank you Dan Dan! 

Link to her gorgeous DOODLES:

Each drawing was timed for 10 minutes a piece. xD
Curse the timer..

Madame Lecœur is a high cultist of the Face-of-Red.

Wonderful artist, famous for her haute-couture flesh sculptures, she owns the Auberge Rouge (”Red Hostel”) a house of pleasure and conversation, art and gentle depravation. Not a brothel, clients get together but she hires no sex workers. Madame Lecœur value life, and since she’s inclined to fusion flesh and mind with her partners, she’s strongly against murder or any kind of life threatening activities. This is a strong contrast to the popular perception of the Exalted, the Face-of-Red’s cultist, whose image is tarnished by famous psychotic murderers, cannibals and amateur of tortures (despite the fact that they’re a minority in their ranks). Despite her strange folly, Madame Lecœur is a strength of good, and she gathers intel via her club which she chooses to share with the ones she deems worthy of it. Also, “Madame“ is her first name, not her title. Her original gender is unknown, and she changes often.

This is a PNJ you’ll find in my upcoming tabletop RPG, Subventure, a urban fantasy pulp universe where you can not only play the occult detective, but the cultist too. Follow me and find more about it !