roses for rei

Favorite movies / august

- Leon: the professional
- Plush
- American beauty
- Buffalo ‘66
- Lolita

Favorite music / august

- twenty one pilots / doubt
- Lana del rey / roses
- ladytron / seventeen
- marina & the diamonds / happy

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So I've been trying to think up cute things all day and I wanted to propose an AU. A Cinderella - Regisa! AU with either of them as the prince and the other as Cinderella (or you know, in Cinderella's position).


tbh i’m partial to Nagisa being the cinderella-esque character bc of his canon home life with his strict parents

but then again imagine a modern cinderella-esque AU where there’s like a swim club party or just a pool party in general or something like that and Rei and Nagisa go to different schools and Nagisa remembers talking to this kid who could do the most beautiful butterfly stroke and that’s what he uses as his basis to find this kid later on, after Rei disappears from the party without giving Nagisa his number or even telling Nagisa where he goes to school

(which is really stupid bc like,,, it would b modern times and certainly you could find pictures of this kid somewhere or ask around to see if anyone else knew him but that would defeat the purpose of it being a modern CINDERELLA-esque au )

Still My Ships

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Before Lana Del Rey finalized the album, Guns & Roses was meant to be the second or third single wearing this cover. It was canceled because the producers thought it would give the bad impression that Lana was trying to mock the band. There was also a rumour that it was a ‘gift’ from Lana to Axl Rose(which she admire), but the producers said that it would be bad for her career for some reason. That’s why it was reduced to a extra music(some people say that the song present in te album isn’t the ‘real’ song) and why this pic has a different style when you compare it with the others from the same photoshoot.

Material Room Part 5

Sorry for the text wall, but there’s some pretty good stuff in here!

[Basic Knowledge of Modern Mystics]

*Translator’s note: Throughout this section, the Mystics living in Chateau Aiguille are referred to as the “bloodsucking clan”. I’ll occasionally be referring to them as “Orlouge’s clan”, though I’m not sure if there are other Mystics outside the clan with the ability to suck blood.

[Chateau Aiguille]

Territory that was easy for the bloodsucking clan to develop. Originally, it was a single sharp thorn of a nettle.* The “Nettle Thorn” pierced the region and drew energy from the ground, rapidly growing until it formed a castle.

As the current caretaker of the castle, Orlouge once set fire to Rootville. The Nettle Thorn drew nutrients from the town’s ashes and matured into what is now Chateau Aiguille. The castle will continue to grow as long as beauty exists within the region where it took root. This is one of the reasons why Orlouge welcomes artists and craftsmen (In the world of Mystics, the existence and continuation of all things is determined by their beauty. This includes things such as Chateau Aiguille and a Mystic’s rank and lifespan).

Because of the nature of this “Castle of Thorns”**, it has also been called things such as “Castle of Parasites” and “Mystic Plant Castle”.

*The type of nettle is unspecified, but the kanji itself refers to the species Urtica thunbergiana.

**The Japanese name for the place is 「針の城」 [hari no shiro], “Castle of Thorns” or “Castle of Needles”. The US translation team decided to spice up the name by converting “Castle of Needles” into the French “Chateau Aiguille”.

[Thorn Maidens]

Sparkling Mystic Emperor Orlouge’s mistresses, also known as Arch Princesses.* There are 99 of them (not including the escapee Rei). These girls were charmed by Orlouge and allowed him to suck their blood. Those who have their blood sucked become victims of Orlouge’s powers of “Captivation” and are absolutely subservient. Many of them are in their twenties and strong in spirit. They were once allowed to freely wander Chateau Aiguille, but after the incident where Orlouge’s most beloved Rei attacked and reverse-sucked his blood before escaping, all Arch Princesses have been forcibly sealed in glass coffins.

*In older times, the suffix “-hime” could be used to formally address a young girl, usually of high rank, but the US translation team probably messed up and used the literal translation of “Princess”. They even use the term 「寵姫」 [chouhime] “favorite mistress” everywhere else, so I have no idea where they got “Arch Princess” from. Though they should technically be called “Thorn Maidens”, I’ll continue to use the term “Arch Princess” to match the in-game translation.

[Glass Coffins]

Sacred coffins that Orlouge created to protect his Arch Princesses. They’re high security coffins, unable to be opened from the outside without the powers of a Mystic Lord, but easily opened from inside. After the incident with Rei, however, Orlouge added parasitic bloodsucking roses which feed on the Mystic Powers of the Arch Princesses sleeping within. Those who have their power drained fall into a deep slumber and can’t open the coffins themselves. They can’t awaken as long as the bloodsucking roses are in full bloom.

<Exception> Lady White Rose assimilated the bloodsucking roses and broke the seal.


The power possessed by bloodsucking Mystics. Victims can be manipulated at will. Orlouge’s powers of Captivation are the strongest—those who have their blood sucked can never rebel and are submissive for all eternity. In the worst cases, the spirit is lost.


A race known for their longevity and good looks. They live in accordance with Mystic Laws. They have a peculiar value system, with absolute laws regarding “beauty”, “fear”, and “pride.”

[Mystic Laws]

Three laws that are put into practice: “Charm others with beauty”, “Intimidate others with fear”, and “Be proud and never submit to others”. Those who fail to uphold the laws are eliminated. The power of these three laws decides the ranks of Mystics, classified from highest to lowest as follows: Mystic Lord, High Mystic, Middle Mystic, Low Mystic, Mystic Outlaw. This ranking is absolute.

[High Mystic]

Extremely high ranking Mystics. Many of them are part of Orlouge’s clan that live in Chateau Aiguille. The Arch Princesses White Rose and Golden Lion, the Black Knight Ciato, and Zozma hold this rank.

[Middle Mystic]

Mystics with moderate status. Asellus starts at this rank. The Black Knight Rastaban also holds this rank.

[Low Mystic]

Mystics with low status. Though the most numerous, their rights to speak as Mystics are weak. The Water Mystic Mesarthim is this rank.

[Mystic Outlaw]*

Those who have lost their rank to the point where they are no longer considered to be Mystics. The Mystic Laws have determined that, aside from the weakening of their “beauty”, “fear”, and “pride”, many of the Outlaws have lost their individuality, don’t have a strong spirit, or are just part of the rabble. Neither good nor evil, their existence is similar to that of Humans. Some who live alongside Humans have easily fallen into a life of crime. Mystics who live a long life gradually lose their status and eventually end up in this state. Another name for them is “the unseeables”.** They are determined to return to their original selves, lest they be eliminated at the command of the Mystic Lords.

*The original term is a made up word 「邪妖」 [jayou] which literally translates to “evil Mystic”, but I thought “Outlaw” was a better fit. The original might be a pun of the word 「邪魔」 [jama], “nuisance”, since the term for Mystic 「妖魔」 [youma] uses the same second kanji.

**This is me, the translator, trying to make a pun of the “untouchables”. In the original text, they’re called “those who can’t be seen” with the context that other Mystics refuse to acknowledge their presence…but that’s quite a mouthful.

[Mystic Lord]

Mystics who have maintained their rank by ruling for more than a millennia. Also known as “The Era’s Chosen”. Possessing a significantly large territory, they are allowed to establish their own clans. They are responsible for carrying out Mystic Hunts. Orlouge and Virgil have been confirmed as the current era’s Mystic Lords. The Arch Princess Rei and the Black Knight Wezen also hold powers of this rank.

<Related> The Black Knight Rastaban believes that Asellus is a Mystic Lord, third only after Orlouge and Virgil.

[Mystic Hunt]

Hunts to search for Mystics who have lost their rank and fail to practice the Mystic Laws. Mystic Lords are responsible for the classification and pursuit of Mystic Outlaws.

<Related> In recent centuries, hunting hasn’t been limited to Mystic Outlaws. There are rumors floating around that Virgil is somehow trying to stop Orlouge from following his instinct to hunt beautiful maidens. It truly is a peaceful era for those Mystics with low status.

[The Days of Thirst]

Refers to an era when Mystic Outlaws run rampant. Caused by various factors, including but not limited to:

① A simple increase in the number of Mystic Outlaws (the Human world falls into disorder, creating an era when Mystics and Humans can easily coexist)

② The Mystic Lords of that era being unscrupulous (ruling over their clans with an iron fist)

③ A global decrease in the qualities of Mystics* (actually, a steady era with an increase of honorable Mystics)

Nowadays the world is peaceful with little danger from Mystic Hunts, since they happen very rarely. This is probably why the quality of Mystics continues to decline when factor number ③ comes into play.

Many people say that the Mystic World will soon fall into the “Days of Thirst”. You could say that Asellus’ appearance is the harbinger of this event…..

<Related> Mystic Outlaws are defined as “those who have lost their status and live like Humans”. There is a huge scandal involving the prestigious bloodsucking clan accidentally mixing with Human blood.

*I’m unsure of this translation, since there is very little description in the original text.

[Past Mystic Outlaws]

[Mermaid Princess]: In the distant past, there was a Water Mystic who dreamed of becoming Human. Casting aside her armor and fish tail, she gave up her status as a Mystic and pretended to be an ordinary Human girl. This drew the wrath of all Mystic Lords from that era and the entire Water Mystic clan was eliminated. Now, the ones that survived hold a small territory in Owmi.

<Related> Mystics can never become Human. No matter how low their rank or weak their powers, they can only ever be Mystic Outlaws. Asellus heard the story of the aforementioned mermaid and realized she could never again be Human.

[Rising Stars of the Modern Era]

These are Mystics that hold high status, yet reject the Mystic Laws. Mavericks. They have the true powers of Mystics, but don’t act the part. They can’t really be called Mystic Outlaws.

[Zozma]: Part of the bloodsucking clan. An important figure once rumored to be Orlouge’s successor. He completely disregards the Mystic Laws, living life his own way.

[Rei]: Arch Princess of the bloodsucking clan. The strangest thing happened where she counter-sucked Orlouge’s blood and escaped from the clan’s territory. Because of her high status as a Mystic, she is welcomed by all the other clans.

[Asellus]: A Human who took Orlouge’s blood completely by accident. She is considered to be different since there is no precedent. The proud bloodsucking clan won’t allow her to exist.

<Related> One thing the three have in common is that they “made fools of the bloodsucking clan”. Though promised the position, Zozma refused to become the next Emperor of the clan; Though Orlouge’s most beloved, Rei rejected his affections; Though Orlouge sees her as his adopted daughter, Asellus doesn’t acknowledge him as a father. These incidents have sullied the clan’s reputation. Orlouge cherishes their complete rebellion as rare treasures, but their existence is absolutely intolerable for the Black Knights. Incidentally, Leader of the Black Knights Ciato hates Zozma, Superintendent of the Black Knights Wezen hates Rei, and Black Knight Ildon hates Asellus.

She was the kind of girl who fancy beautiful words than beautiful jewels.
She was kind of girl who slept with books on her bed and headphones in her ears.
She was the kind of girl who simply believed in love and loved with all that she can have.
—  Roses For Rei