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After seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for the Third Time. . .

After seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for the third time, I realized several (Okay, more than several.) Things about Mr. Newt Scamander.


• He’s legitimately like a father to all of his creatures, and treats his as though they are his own children, and possibly more.

• He had to wipe his face after giving Pickett to Gnarlack, because he was crying over giving one of his best friends / children over to a man who would probably lock him away in a cage.

• When Tina and Newt were being sentenced to death, Newt immediately said that Tine had done nothing wrong, showing how much he cared about humans, especially Tina, as well.

• He didn’t go for the sexy, well-dressed, makeup-clad man magnet, but instead went for the said ‘career girl’ who always shows up when she’s least wanted.

• I think the saddest thing I’ve ever heard in my life is Newt screaming, “Please! Don’t hurt my creatures! They’re not dangerous! They’re not dangerous!”

• He cared for the Obscurial, even though people thought they were insane monsters.

• He picks at his fingers when he’s nervous, or anxious.

• He literally just wanted to go to America, free Frank, and maybe have a little vacation while he was at it. That’s it.

• He appears to be in a constant state of comfusion; blinking, staring, stuttering, and generally getting himself into trouble.

• Held up an entire boat full of people just so that he could say a proper goodbye to Tina.

• Literally never interacts with Queenie the entire movie, except for talking about ANOTHER girl. Dang, boy, resist game strong.

• Kept an illegal No-Maj around because he liked him, and wanted a friend.

• Literally lives in a suitcase.

• Has seriously only had about four friends in his entire life, which is just sad.

• Is the little brother of a famous war hero, yet chooses to run around the world to help magical creatures.

• Despite all of his klutziness, he defeated one of the most terrifying dark wizards of all time, Gellert Grindelwald.


Some doodles for @rosethegardevoir while I was out without a phone
I finally got my phone back and just in time for valentines! ❤ im finally gonna start paying for my own phone plan too! So I’m a little excited for it~

Love you sweetie~ ❤ lets both get fat together and draw and snuggle and stuff = u = /

(Art also featuring @rakkuguy cus I needed a customer for the bakery doodle = w = )

What The Overwatch Characters Smell Like.

I know this is probly a bit obscure, but I was talking about it with a friend and this is what we agreed on what the characters smell like.

Edit because of Sombra:

Lucio- he probably smells like bananas or somethin fruity. A good smel

Reinhardt- Smells like roses, probably a bakery or some little old lady perfume. He smells nice. Like your favorite grampa

Zarya- probly smells either like bubble gums or that cheap generic floor cleaner that’s a bit too strong.

Genji- doesn’t really smell like anything. Probably a nice light cologne tho

McCree- okay, you know those little tourist attractions that are modeled like the old timey cowboy towns?? Like Bonnie Springs? Yeah he smells like that. In short he smells like those cheap rose scented bar soaps and whiskey and horse poop.

Pharah- smells just like home after a nice cooked meal

Reaper- smells like Fabuloso and the Mexican rose candles mixed with decaying flesh.

Soldier 76- smells like Freedom and corn dogs.

Ana- same as Reinhardt, she’s the little old lady perfume. Also smells like fresh baked cookies and soap.

Mercy- smells like antibiotics and heavy iron.

Zenyatta- a nice incense. He smells calm uvu

Roadhog- smells like dirt and heavy sweat mixed with oil.

Junkrat- smells like heavy sulfur and sewer. He’s a dirty little man.

Hanzo- even though he’s my favorite shimada, I gotta be honest with myself.
He smells like armpits and farts.

Mei- antifreeze.

Torbjorn- smells like an autoshop mixed with oil and fig newtons.

Widowmaker- also probably smells like farts.

Tracer- smells like biscuits and failure. Also known as not freedom and not corn dogs.

Symmetra- smells like some expensive perfume that would take me years to pay off. She’s too good. smells super dirty. A mixture of probably sweat and armpit with Dorito dust and sticky old Mountain Dew.

Winston- smells like peanut butter at the zoo.

Bastion- smells like a friend.

Sombra- smells like one of those generic Mexican metro pcs stores. The ones that are no longer actually metro pcs but they sell like phone cases and they fix your phone for you.

Describe Your Muse!

Fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by. REPOST, DON’T REBLOG. 

I. joy 
II. excited 
III. kindness
IV. friendly
V. curious


I. black
II. white 
III. grey
IV. red


I. bakery 
II. rose perfume 
III. forest 


I. hair gel 
II. a photo of sherry
III. band aids/plasters
IV. a heart locket that avdol gave him and it has a photo of avdol and him in it


I. puffing out his chest to make him seem bigger
II. constantly checking if his hair is perfect
III. messes with his earrings when board


I. hearts
II. light pink, gold any nice calm colours really
III. traveling bc it reminds him of the crusaders
IV. anything to do with france bc it reminds him of home and his family
V. swords and armor

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kelkat9 said: 7, 9 and 12

7: Share a snippet from one of your favorite pieces of prose you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

I’ve written a lot, and I’d like to say I’m proud of all my words, but that’ just not true. I was going to say Jealous of the Moon, it’s a slightly angst, dark/jealous TenToo x Rose story, but I think my (17 chapters of) 100-word drabble in The Bakery win. That was…not as easy as a drabble sounds, but basically telling a 70,000 word story in 1,700 words makes you think about each and every one.

This is from chapter 16 of the Nine x Rose Bakery story (as opposed to the Ten x Rose Bakery story). I like the sharp harshness of Nine waiting for word on an injured Rose, the starkness of his and MIckey’s conversation.

“What happened?”

Mickey looked up from his intense contemplation of the tiles. Ashen, afraid. “Fell through the floor. Saved a kid.”

The Doctor opened his mouth. Nothing emerged. He swallowed but his mouth was dry. Rose. Brave Rose doing her job. Helping. Saving strangers.

Saving him.

“Martha in there?” he finally managed.

Mickey shook his head. “She’s not on A&E rounds. But she promised—” his voice broke.

“Right. Jackie know?”

“On her way.”

He sat next to Mickey. Lost and alone, his lungs too small and his heart beating too fast. His Rose. Stared at the floor. And waited.

9. Which fic has been the hardest to write?

Currently? These are the Days of Our Lives, the continuing adventures of Rose and the Doctor and their family in my We Are Never Alone verse. I have so many ideas, but when I sit down to write them, I can’t or just don’t feel like it. So I end up writing something else. And I really want to write these stories!!

12. Is there an episode above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?

Yes, there are several. I love Dalek, the way Nine acts, rages, and breaks down for Rose. (But then I love all Nine’s episodes!) And I love The Wire and the way Ten doesn’t take any prisoners in his quest to rescue Rose’s essence.

However there are 2 non-Doctor/Rose episodes in particular.

The Runaway Bride and Ten’s heartbreaking anger as he drowns the Racnoss and waits to drown himself, too. He’s so lost without Rose and so lonely and sad and just heartbroken! It’s that heartbreak that drives home his absolute love for Rose.

In The Shakespeare Code, as much as I adore Martha, the Doctor is all about Rose. Rose this and Rose that and Rose’ll know and Your heart grows cold. The north wind blows and carries down the distant Rose. And his That name keeps me fighting! He misses her so much he can’t even think straight. It’s a test for him to keep going without her. But he’s right, that name does keep him fighting and I think that scene reminds him that he needs to fight and live that fantastic life Rose wanted him to just as he wanted her to live a fantastic life.


This cake was so much fun! (Once I learned a little trick in the technique) I also found a raspberry filling that I LOVE for inside. (Yay, for liqueurs, ha ha)

This is a white cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream. All the flowers are edible! I used a pound of butter and a point of cream JUST in the frosting. (That doesn’t even include what’s in the cake!)

Hey, if you’re going to have a 75th birthday party you should indulge a little, right?

“I’m just passing these flyers around, it’s from my shop, mine and my mother’s, we just opened up in the North. Little Roses Bakery, you go there and take this flyer and we will give you a box with three cupcakes of your liking for free.”