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Nero - Doomsday


This is the song from the fight between Hal and Tom.

I thought that this fight scene was one of the best I’ve seen in a show/film. It has been said many times before that a good fight emulates dance, but I do think the art has been somewhat lost, at least in genre television. This fight, however, highlighted the differences between Tom and Bad Hal, who are excellent foils, in a really well executed and apparent dance. (I also find this song fittingly badass).

Tom is innocent and direct–he aims for the kill as efficiently as possible. Hal, however, with five hundred years of such fights in his pocket, knows how to play with his enemies, and relishes doing so–with the elegance of a trained dancer. They overlap, however, in several moments, which the camera highlights; they both leap on and off the table, or else twist out of each other’s grips using some elaborate motion. Each move seems heavily considered, and while the fight achieves the effect of other good scraps and scuffles through the violence itself, it’s clear that the personalities and emotional charge–these two forces that we learn to be creations of the Devil himself, lethal to each other–of the characters is brought to light.

Perhaps I see too much in it, but I definitely had to watch it twice. Or three times.