roses all over the house

I like him best when he’s almost out of breath, with that hand in his thick hair, how he touches me and our roots go bursting through to downstairs, out the door, crack open the concrete on the street outside his house, with those roses blooming all over his cheeks, I swear, I could sprout a Garden of Eden just from him looking at me
Trail of Roses

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 8

“Pietro? Babe?” You call as you walk through your front door into complete darkness. You flick on the lights to find rose petals everywhere, littering the floor. You follow a slightly thicker trail and find yourself in the kitchen, spotting a box on the kitchen counter. Next to it is a letter. You smile and grab it, ripping it open and picking up the letter.


Two years ago we met at a Christmas party, and it was the happiest day of my life. Now I don’t only get to celebrate Christmas, I get to celebrate my anniversary with you.

I love you.

Open the box, then come and find me.

Happy Christmas, Happy Anniversary.


You feel your heart flutter as you read the letter, eagerly grabbing the box and opening it. When you do, you gasp. Inside was the most beautiful ring you had ever seen, gold with small diamonds studded along it. You pull it out of the box and slide it onto your finger, and it fits perfectly. You can feel tears threatening to spill from your eyes, but you bite your lip, taking a breath and turning to continue following the trail of rose petals.

Every now and then you spot other small packages scattered around the house. You bend to pick them, gathering them in your arms as you are led around the house, then to the stairs.

“Pietro?” You call up the stairs, your arms overflowing with gifts. You are led into the bathroom, where you find another letter. Sighing and shaking your head with a small smile, you gently put your presents down on the counter and open the letter.

Put on what is in the package with the heart drawn on it and meet me in the bedroom.

After a quick rummage you quickly locate said package, ripping off the paper and chuckling to yourself. You get out of your work clothes and slide into the new lace underwear and inspect yourself in the mirror. It is then you realise how long it had been since you had shaved. It was nearing gorilla levels in some places. Glancing out of the bathroom door checking Pietro isn’t coming, you quickly coat yourself in a thick layer of shaving cream and scrape off any bodily hair you deem unacceptable.

Once you are silky smooth, and once you have stopped the bleeding on the various cuts scattered over your body, you check your watch. Twenty minutes to completely shave from the stomach down was a pretty good time for you, but you were surprised Pietro hadn’t come looking for you yet. The joys of being a woman.

Composing yourself, and unable to stop the huge grin on your face, you pad over to the bedroom. The door is slightly open, flickering light escaping the crack. You push the door open and glance inside, your mouth opening. There was so many candles in so many ridiculous places you were surprised Pietro hadn’t burnt the place down yet. You couldn’t even see the carpet there was such a thick layer of rose petals. Then, on the bed, looking extremely proud of himself, was Pietro.

“Took you long enough.” He says with a grin, his eyes flickering over your body.

“Yeah well…you know…things to do. Places to shave. What do you expect when you fling this on me last minute?” You laugh, walking over to kiss him.

“That looks good on you.” He notes, running his fingers down your slides. “So does the ring.”

“Ah yes. The ring.” You hold your hand up and inspect it closely, watching Pietro out of the corner of your eye.


“So what?”

“Yes or no?”

“What do you think you idiot?” You grin. “Yes!”

“Oh thank fuck I was worried for a minute there.” He laughs, jumping off the bed and pulling you into a hug, lifting you off the ground. After spinning you around a few times he places you gently back on the floor, running his fingers through your hair.

“I love you.” You mumble, touching your forehead against his.

“I love you too.” He replies, his lips so close to yours you can feel his breath dancing against your skin. You kiss him urgently, tangling your fingers in his hair so you can tug him closer to you, feeling his body press against yours. When his shirt scratches against your naked skin, you untangle your fingers and fumble with the shirt buttons, struggling to undo them when you are so focused on Pietro’s tongue dipping into your mouth.

After a while you succeed, pushing the shirt off of him and letting it drop to the floor, letting your fingernails rake down his skin. Looping your fingers into his belt, you pull him towards you, the friction against his crotch making him moan slightly into your mouth. You unbuckle his belt in one movement and pull it off, dropping it onto the floor with his shirt. He leans back and gives you what can only be described as a wolfish grin.

His hands wrap around you and he pulls you close to him, gently biting and kissing your neck while his hands roam. He walks you back and turns so he can push you onto the bed. Then, slowly, he unbuttons his trousers and pushes them down, kicking them away from his feet. While still standing over you, his underwear follows his trousers and you are left speechless as he breaks free.



“Have you got mistletoe on your dick?”



“Well you have to kiss it now right?”

“You laid out roses for me all through the house, proposed, left presents all over the house, led me upstairs, made me change into sexy underwear, brought me in here, got everything all heated, and all this time you had mistletoe on your dick because you wanted a blowjob.”

“Well not only a blowjob.” He murmurs defensively, bouncing a little on his feet so his dick jumps up and down, the mistletoe swinging.

“This…” You say, leaning forward and looking up at him, grinning. “is why I am marrying you.”

“You wh-“ He starts, but is soon left speechless, his head thrown back, mouth open, as you close your mouth around him.

Dave had spent all week getting ready for Friday, knowing it was Kurt’s first Valentine’s Day and wanting it to be as special as possible. He set everything up while Kurt was at school, even making sure he followed his sister’s “fool proof” instructions for dinner to the T. He put the roast in the oven before showering and changing into just his favorite red silk panties, then set about trailing rose petals and lighting candles all over the house. He’d already taken Finn to Burt and Carole’s so he was out of the way for the evening. Glancing at the clock and seeing that Kurt was due home any minute, Dave turned on some music and went back to the bedroom, lounging in the bed and trying to look as nonchalant as possible.

anonymous asked:

Captain Swan could literally share every single Epic True Love Act there ever was, from a kiss to sharing a heart to literally having their names on the Holy Grail of Swords, but the thing that leaves me screeching the most is the thought that someday they'll share a home???? That is only theirs???? And they'll share bills and dishes and everything in between? !!!!!!!!!!!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!


They have a whole bunch of amazing memories to make, too!! Christmas and Thanksgiving!!! Emma coming home from work on her birthday to rose petals and candles all over the house!! Random days where she has a rough day at work and is greeted by Killian and Henry in a messy kitchen, cooking ingredients all over them and dinner on the table!!!  Lazy Sunday mornings with coffee and waffles and busy MONDAY mornings where she’s running late and is running out the door but turns around for one last kiss and then another and another bc he keeps pulling her back!!! Getting a new puppy and chasing it around the house and stepping across that threshold for the first time as husband and wife and all of the beautiful things that go along with whatever happy ending they choose!

They will FINALLY be the first and last thing each other sees when they go to sleep and wake up. They will end and start each day with each other.

Killian was SO right. That house is a symbol of the future. A wonderful, bright, happy, blessed, amazing future that they both so deserve!

Oh my babies.