♥ my first ever mutuals appreciation post ♥

i’ve never reached more than 600 followers on tumblr and now i have 1k. in return, this is my attempt at thanking the lovely people i’ve come across on here (literally ALL my mutuals), u all make my day whether it’s with ur pretty aesthetic, funny posts, or otherwise amiable content !! i’m so far up ur asses man i love my mutuals .

lemme also just say i hope u lot are feeling Gud and happy as u see this. i love you so much! never 4get i’ll always be around if u need anything (someone to rant/vent/talk to.. someone to send cat pictures… … . (i’m dropping hints i want my mutuals to show me their cats (i want my mutuals to show me their cats))) … also there will be a big block of text because i included EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of my mutuals which is Wild but i didn’t want to leave anyone out.

excuse my lack of effort in making a proper photo edit for this .. but hey at least u get some good quality doyoung next to a cake !


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got any blog recs?

yeah !! these are some of my mutuals who i love!

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recommend @s? i need something besides dan&phil

ahhh here are some of my favorite mutuals/aes/shitpost blogs!

@hourtohour–notetonote, @sonicpng@kidzbopz, @moonyswears, @official-oily-josh, @shjtposts, @roserys, @retgekt, @starryhtml, @legjesus, @jesuscrotch, @euna, @communityhealthtips, @starrbee, @rosehowell, @gorjllaz, @lovimg, @gaydab, @peachygee, @voresicle, @fuzzyguysock, @vodkagirls, @emodotcom, @lacewlw, @u-ncool, @syngestreet, @philop!!!

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I am going to feed your love of Feferi by giving you this ship: EriFefRose.


Okay but… like… quadrant musical chairs… Tbh I never really got over Eri<>Fef like listen it didn’t work out in canon (nor should it have) but I FIRMLY BELIEVE that if they’d had the chance to grow up and relearn how to be in love with each other they would’ve worked out really well like they matter so much to each other they’re just kids who didn’t know how to love each other RIGHT yet.

And then Rose<3<Eri is obv a BIG OL MOOD what with their antagonistic personalities and multitude of mutual interests and their wizards and books and reading and scarves (it’s a damn shame we didn’t get to see Rose wearing that cute pink scarf longer) and snarky bullshit and god like they’d make SUCH good kismesis (also they’d send each other trashy Harry Potter fanfiction don’t lie to yourself)

And Fef<3Rose is like, just, objectively good on all the levels. Spooky tentacle girls. The light player who likes to pretend she’s the ultimate mistress of the night and the child of a fucking horror terror who has the cheeriest personality on Alternia it’s… so good….

All three of them get together and it’s this MESS of emotions but they all clearly love each other so much and hhhhhhhhhggggggg

I’m fucking love it good concept anon


sweetestsarah08 and I were extremely inspired by this drawing from  fingurken a while ago, and rped something that I thought was pretty cool. -w- Creepy themes plus historical themes are simply the best combination for me, haha.

Augustine is wearing the ancestor of modern glasses, which are making him look like a sexy Harry Potter. xD He was a priest who wanted nothing more than to help people who were being attacked by strange creatures of the night (guess what they were?). Lysandre was one of them, of course, but he played a double life in order to survive. During the day he would sleep, as all vampires did, and during the night he would feed himself and continue his research on a cure for vamparism.

When Father Sycamore would come to him and talk to him about the “strange monsters”, sometimes Lysandre would give him little hints, while pretending to be oblivious..It was putting him in a dangerous situation, of course, but he had difficulty not to care about the priest’s well being.

But it was simply the worst each time that Father Sycamore was getting closer (physicly) to talk to him, because bby is wearing a shit ton of crosses and roseries and those hurt like woah. :v


-Please make a part 5 for Pycho Luke, please

Pairing: Luke Hemmings☠

Rated: [R] Not recommended for those under 14+ (graphic scenes and/or language)

A/N: I’m laughing really hard, because that last message scared me a wee-bit but all in all, you sound like a lovely person anon:) lol and I’ve been watching season 1 of American Horror Story nonstop. It’s unhealthy. Also, this chapter is less sensual but it is important. x ok happy readings!

•You never thought you’d see the day that you’d wake up in a hospital bed.Your head was slightly pounding-no surprise, and you were more than angry. Sad and livid. When your arms lifted up to pull against the restraints, a hand stopped you.

“Morning dollface.” Sister Jude smirked. Limited sunshine peaking through the barred up windows.

“Go to-”

“Hell? We’re already there.” She winked. You couldn’t help but cry, wincing at the sharp pain coursing throughout your body. Sobbing with confusion you continued to numbly yank your limbs.

“P-please. Just kill me already. Let me die! I was suppose to die!” You screamed at the ceiling. Sister Jude licked her lips, smiling before sitting at the foot of the bed. Looking down at her hands she shook her head.

“Weren’t we all….You really don’t have a clue, do you? Do you remember what got you in here?” She spoke softly. Her calm manor scaring you even more. Sniffling your tears, you let out a deep breath.

“Yes I am damn well aware of what got me in here, Sister. YOU! You made him-”

“I didn’t do anything to that sorry bastard.” She raised her voice, her head shaking in a triumph. Beginning to pace around the room, she stopped by the surgeon’s tray.

“Yes you did! I-I saw him. His eyes! They weren’t like that before! He didn’t know who I was!”

“WAKE UP Y/N. That boy is in here for a reason! A REASON THAT IS BEYOND ANY GOD, YOU AND I PRAY TOO.” She screamed louder, leaning in to stare you down.
“I have nothing to hide, yes. We experimented on him. And we succeeded. But we didn’t MAKE him do anything. What he did to you was nothing but suppressed-longings put aside! We just awakened them..Had we not had enough heart, we would’ve let him finish you off. Slice you like his other victims. But I didn’t. ME. So question that twisted ‘boyfriend’ of yours before raising fingers.”

Sister Jude spat, you swallowed hard. Your head falling back against the table. Relaxing and closing your eyes for a minute, you nodded. Licking your lips and trying to hold in anymore sorrow.

“Just please help me. Meet me half way here…I did nothing wrong. J-just tell me what you did to him! Where is he?! And why did you save me…?” You hiccuped. Your lips cracking from thirst and the dry air surrounding you.

Turning around so her back was facing you, Sister Jude chuckled. Raising her hands to connect her rosery with her lips. Taking in a string of air, she replied bluntly.

“I didn’t save you because I’m a nice person. -Far from that. I saved you for Luke. When he comes to his r-…sane mind, he’ll remember what he did. And he’s paying for his mistakes every day in this place. He’s better. We’ve taken good care of Hemmings. As for you, I suggest you get all the rest you can now. Because this certainly doesn’t mean I’ll forget anything you’ve done.”

“I’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG YOU CRAZY BITCH!!” You shook your head. Opening your watery eyes and biting your lip to stop the trembling. Pursing her lips and dancing her fingers up your leg, she patted your stomach.

“You were woman enough to lay down in the sins of the devil. Now it’s time to stop running away from them child.” Sister Jude whispered kissing your forehead before exiting the room.

Your breathing pattern picking up again, flashbacks and voices circling in the atmosphere.
“NO!” You screamed.
“I’M NOT CRAZY!!!!!”

But that one voice clung to you with persistence, replying- 'That’s what they all say.’


“Y/N….Eighteen….I killed my father. Y/N. Eighteen. I shot him.” You repeated the words to yourself, over and over again. Standing near the window in the lounge, you clawed at your arm. As if self harming yourself to make sure you were really alive. Your eyes withheld bags underneath them, your hair falling out from being scared..Scared of seeing him again.

Your fingers trailed down to feel over the stitched scars upon your stomach. Crying silently to yourself, you felt a hand upon yours. Making you jump slightly and hold your arm to your chest. An elderly lady with dark red hair and a blind eye, smiled.

“My name’s Moira.”

“Please you old bat, fuck off. You don’t want to be caught up in my mess.” You said holding the bridge of your noise. The old lady nodded slowly in agreement. Her hands running down the creases of her gown.

“I was having affairs with married men, you know? Until finally I got caught up with the wrong one. And I ended up in here.” Her voice cracked, her eyes reverting back to you.

“That’s nice to know. I’m sure you didn’t do it and all that bull-”

“He loves you.” She spoke over you. You stopped talking, raising an eyebrow in confusion. Dropping your arms to your side.

“What are you talking about old lady?…Luke?”

She nodded again. Looking around, seeming to be slightly paranoid. Her blind eye glossed with soft tears and resentment.

“I’d call him the devil, but yes..Luke. He’s taken a liking to you. Everyone sees it wether you realize it or not. I use to be his maid…And as I’m sure you’ve learned first hand, he’s no good.” She poked your stomach over one of your marks. You hissed with a throbbing pain to your flesh. Remembering how pleased his face was to see you suffer. He didn’t love you.

“Who’s everyone? By the looks of this place-there is no EVERYONE. All the patients and even the staff here are beyond comprehension of being in their right mind. This place is sick. I’m sick.” The words seethed through your gritted teeth. Moira touched your shoulder, looking around again before speaking.

“Y/N. I hope you do realize…before it’s too late.” She stated, hobbling to the other side of the room. You blinked rapidly, trying to piece together the fragments of your life. Nothing made sense anymore. Your feelings were un-sorted and lost. Your mind was playing tricks on you and you didn’t know what was real or not anymore. The outside world seemed to warp away inside those white walls. There was no life anymore. Just floating souls, barely getting by…


After being approached by a random patient, you quickly walked back to your room. The corridors active this time-with doctors, nurses, and incoherent figures of amusement. But you were still scared. Each step like a sting to the heart as you kept your head low. Your hair fanning over your face to enclose you from any harm. From feeling.

“Stop walking so god damn fast, you’ll look suspicious.” That voice chuckled behind you. You immediately began to panic and turned around, only to have his arms wrap around you. Pulling you aside, past a door. This new found area dimly lit and looking to be an abandoned pool from the old wards section.

“PLEASE! HELP! STOP!” You shouted at the top of your lungs. He was too strong, making you lift your head to connect your lips. Wincing and smacking him in the face, you pushed his chest. Your back coming in contact with the wall.

“Stay the fuck away from me Luke! BACK!” You warned. You may have spoke with conviction but the way you trembled, said otherwise. He pulled at the ends of his hair before looking up at you. You could tell he’d been crying with lack of sleep as well. But he had nothing to be remorseful for-afterall, he was the one who stabbed you.

“I’m sorry Y/N. Just please hear me out before they find us.”

“Ohhhh that’s grand LUKE! Bravo! That deserves a hell of an oscar. You’re sorry?! That’s all you can say?” Your eyes widened. Not understanding how simple he thought this all was. His defeated stance slumped in front of you, sliding down against the wall. Silence filled the air before his quiet sobs were heard. You remained standing, still enraged yet saddened by his show of emotions.

“Yes-No-I don’t know Y/N. I don’t! I know you hate me, believe me I know! I hate myself too. Everyone fucking hates me. But I’m telling the truth for once, I-I didn’t mean to stab you..I didn’t want to…” He caught a whimper from exiting his lips. His eyes peering up at you.

“WELL YOU DID. I was happy to see you alive after Sister Jude separated us and….and you nearly raped me?! Started playing with me like I was some rag doll before you stabbed me Luke. You stabbed ME! Out of all people, it doesn’t make a bit of sense to me. I’m sorry if I’m not seeing the big picture! Yes, we’re in a psychotic ward for the mentally insane. But nothing can fix you! You are you. A monster…that I thought just maybe, somewhere in my silly dreams….I loved.”

Luke caught his head from sinking lower, locking gazes with you. Both of you crying from exhaustion. Neither one of you knowing what you wanted. -Even if it was right infront of you. His hands unraveled timidly. Reaching out as he slid over to hug you around your legs. Pulling you down as he held onto your waist. Staring blankly ahead of you, your shaky breath bounced off of his hair. His damp face sticking to your clothes, his tears staining through. Cautiously raising a hand, you ran your fingers through his hair. Nothing said or heard but the sounds of eachothers heart beat.

“I love you ok? I really do. And I really am sorry.” Luke cried harder. His accent coming off stronger yet sincere.
“I-It was like I blacked out. -When she drugged me…all I remember was begging for her to not do it. Don’t erase my thoughts. Clinging on to the idea of you. You and your warm smile. And stupid jokes and silly hostility yet attractive aggressiveness. I didn’t think about my past. The present. Or the future…not even caring if I died. I just thought of you, god..I care about your feelings more than mine! And I’ve never felt that way before, about anyone.” He mumbled against your skin. Holding him tighter to you, you realized just how dark the room was.

Your lips parted to speak before clearing your throat. Still grasping for each other’s affection and touch. It was bizarre that you could even like someone like him. Had this been a few years ago, you would’ve sprung for a normal and cliché love affair. But this…was different. Strange yet unique. Twisted yet tender. A freak-show of messed up people In which you two were the main roles.

“Luke.” He sat up, still holding your hands as you caressed his face. His palm masked over yours.
“I don’t know who you are anymore. Since I got here, I’ve never known who you are or what you want from me! I’m sorry, that I can’t except your apology and that I hate myself. I really do…But I’m even more sorry for you. Because you are sick. Not ill. And you need help, that I don’t think I can EVER give you.” You choked.

“No, Y/N that’s the thing! You help me. You make me understand things so much clearer. These past weeks have been the worst yet most beautiful part of life. I don’t even think I’m alive. I’m probably just a waste of space. But at least I have you, I need you.” He clenched his jaw. His hand holding your face as he guided it towards his. The ring on his pinky finger grazing your cold cheek.

“Here. I picked this up after they whipped me.” Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a black rose with 'I love you’ written across the petals. Your hand slid across his as you took it into your sweaty palm. You couldn’t help but smile, sniffing away your previous tears.

“I know it’s weird. But I also know you don’t like normal things, so I painted it black.”
Raising an eyebrow at him you both laughed in unison. His genuine smile appearing for a few minutes before drifting away.

“It’s not weird. It’s actually the first flower anybody has ever given me…” You trailed off. Looking around and wiping his eyes, he glanced over at the door. No signs of anybody catching you two.

“Do you trust me Y/N?” Luke asked.

“Hm…not really. But I’ll get there again.” You halfheartedly teased. He smirked swallowing the lump in his throat.

“Do you believe in ghost?”

“I guess.” You laughed at his question in which he kept a serious face.

“What about an afterlife?”

“I don’t know Luke. Maybe..Why?”

He shrugged, still avoiding your gaze and looking down at his fingers. The ring around his pinky shifting with thought.

“Nothing…I was just thinking. There’s gotta be some place better, somewhere. For people like you at least.”

Smiling softly you raised an eyebrow.
“Not you?” You nudged him.

“Eversince you got here, this is the better place…”

Blushing to yourself, you nodded. Carefully finding his hand to hold in the dark, you bit your lip. Rethinking if you should ask him a question that was on your mind all day.

“Luke, I know why you’re in here…But what did you do to end up in this place? I wanna know everything.” You blurted out nervously. Your mind thinking back to Moira approaching you earlier. He didn’t respond for a while, turning his head to examine you for a second.

“Where’s this coming from?”

“You stabbed me Luke. And things like that doesn’t just appear over night, I’d know..” You whispered. He nodded again. Dropping your hand to play with the hem of his shirt.

“So….EVERYTHING?” He emphasized the word everything. Blinking and shutting his eyes in silence, his lips parted.
“The first time, I was about sixteen. My mother was dating this bastard whom was only with her for the fucks. After my real father died, we moved in with her new boyfriend and that’s when things got worse. He cheated on her. And I believe you shouldn’t hurt someone if you love them, right?”

“Yeah, I know.” You smiled.

“Well…I poured gasoline all over him and lit a match. I watched him burn to complete ashes, what he deserved. That’s the end of that story…Then a few months later, I got a weird craving again. Like something inside of me was missing. So I started paying woman money to sleep with me, and afterwards I’d strangle them..”

“How’d you cover up all the evidence?” You asked in disbelief.

“A chainsaw and a few hungry-dogs can work wonders.” Luke joked but you didn’t laugh. He kept speaking.
“Then a few years ago…I uh-I…-”

The sound of a door opening and a light peering through, cut Luke off from finishing his thought. You both scurried to your feet and hid from the light. Footsteps occurred before the sound of keys jingling away, made both of you sigh of relief.

“Ok, you were saying…?”

“Uh-nothing.” Luke smiled although it was just to comfort you. You could tell he had something else on his mind.
“Come on, I need to show you something…”

Before you could even respond, he grabbed your hand and guided you out the door. Checking around the corners he led you down the hall. Sneaking into a room and shutting the door quietly, turning on the light.

“Sister Jude’s office?! Luke, now is not the time to get caught having a quickie-”

“No.” He laughed, walking behind her desk to look through numerous folders.
“I didn’t bring you here for that…I need to show you something. It’s important.” He licked his lips. You played with your hair and looked around at the drab space. A few picture frames and filing cabinets. It looked the same as every other office..As he continued to search around, you smirked laying down on the desk.

“I don’t know Luke, then again..the thought of getting caught by Sister Jude? Hmm, sounds tempting.” You teased. Standing up and blowing off a file, he wiped it before coming back over to you.
Scoffing at you comment, he kissed you abruptly. It took you by surprise for a second as you smirked against lips. His lip ring brushing against your skin before he pulled away. Making you huff in irritation.

“When I show you this….you promise not to hate me? I couldn’t take it…”

“Well when you put it like that, no promises.” You chuckled.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I just thought I’d tell you before you found out for yourself.” Luke didn’t say anything else, handing you the dusty papers inside the folder. Giggling at him as he slid to the floor, holding his head in his hands…your face fell when you realized why he was acting that way. Your eyes beginning to scan the paper. One after another-all sounding the same;

“October, 1957; Minor Convicted In Murder, Pleads Guilty?
+One of the worlds youngest criminals in murder history has been found guilty, in the death of her father. Y/N was found with a gun in her hand, accompanied by the many blood stains and finger prints. -Leaving police hot on the minors trail. Why would an innocent child wish to kill her father? Perhaps, due to their abusive relationship behind closed doors-Y/N finally got even? Questions are surfacing amongst many. Y/N said to be in the shower during the unfolding of the tragic event. Her father downstairs, fighting with an intruder whom was masked and armed. When approaching downstairs, the ten year old grabbed her fathers gun and fired shots.(Pleaded to be aimed towards the intruder) But said shots hit her father instead. The jury came to the conclusion of this case to find the child innocent, after the confession from a famous serial killer; Luke Hemmings was admitted. Y/N broke down and confessed towards the judge and jury, that she in fact meant to shoot her father and was pleased by the outcome. The judge found the minor guilty-facing life penalties for 'purposely’ acting in a crime. Hemmings was also found guilty amongst several other charges from his fast, nearing the light. After all is said and done, the judge named this as the Unknown Trial. The outcome of a twisted murder case being the most uncertain one yet.”-

You couldn’t read any further. Your eyes burning from tears that wanted to come out, but were stuck in your throat. Instead you covered you mouth and cried with confusion. Squeezing your eyes shut and open again, you kept the motion going. Luke looking at you with eyes that were unreadable. You couldn’t even look at him, words not suiting the situation at all.

“Y/N…I’m sorry-”

“SORRY? Y-you….it was you? Y-you killed my father?….” Your bottom lip trembled.
“ANSWER ME!” You cried harder when he didn’t answer as soon as you hoped.

“Y-yes. But I had a good reason. Or at least, it was..things are different now.-”

“BULLSHIT LUKE AND YOU KNOW IT!! W-when I met you?! That’s how you knew who I was!!! You let me think all these years that I…I killed my father?! When it was YOU IN THAT FUCKING MASK! God…it was you?!” You hyperventilated, pacing the room while pulling at the ends of your hair. Luke jumped to his feet, shaking his head.

“It wasn’t like that Y/N. Your father owed me money and you said it yourself, he abused you-”

“So you fucking killed him!?”

“I had too ok?!” His voice came out angrier as the veins popped out from his neck. His eyes darkening slowly. You kept your distance from him, shaking with fear again.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME WHEN I MET YOU?! Oh my god-I…I’ve been having sex with you Luke! You lied to me! What is wrong with you?!” You screamed, walking closer only to push at his chest. He clenched his jaw as he tried to grab your arms and talk.

“I couldn’t tell you when you got here!!! I thought they had let you off when I confessed to murdering him-”


“-I found that out the hard way! When I got here!”

“All those years of my life are gone because of you!! And wait..This doesn’t make any sense….The fucking article is dated to 1957?”

“I know…” Luke lowered his voice.

“But if you weren’t a minor at the time…how old are you then? You’re some sick pervert that screws younger woman, huh?! Was I on that list or something?”

“God, no Y/N!” Luke exclaimed.
“I…I’m eighteen.”

“Are you kidding me right now? How the hell could you be eighteen if you were sixteen when you shot my father?”

Tears streamed down his face as he started hitting his head, as if trying to remember the answer to your question. Shaking his head rapidly and mumbling 'No’ to himself, you became furious.


“I-I’m dead Y/N..”


“Y-You didn’t read the other articles in the folder Y/N! They shot me…After I pleaded guilty, they brought me here. And I…I raped one of the nurses. When I advanced on the guards in protest…they gunned me down.”

Breaking down even more, and crying harder. Your lungs felt like they would shatter at any moment. You just looked at Luke standing in front of you. He looked just as lost and confused as you were. Upset with himself for keeping so many secrets from you. Picking up a messed up stack, you rushed through them to find an obituary with Luke’s name on it; 'Luke Hemmings; mass serial killer. Gunned down in Mental Ward. Filed as dead, burned remains.’ Screaming at what you read, your chest rose and fell rapidly. Backing up into a corner, you shook your head in utter disbelief.

“No…this is a joke. This is a dream…I see you! You’re right in front of me. You aren’t dead Luke!” You spoke to him yet more or so, trying to convince yourself.

Luke took a deep and slow breath. Calmly standing still before saying something in reply. He cautiously walked towards you. As if he had complete control over himself now, he blinked slowly. Smiling in a mocking way that sent chills down your spine. Scared and frightened was an understatement..with the voices surrounding you and becoming louder, you felt like you were in a dream. Something like this can’t happen. It just can’t.

“Maybe I should ask you this again then, and this time…respond honestly.” Luke said blankly. You were now attempting to make yourself smaller, a hot mess.

Staring at you long and hard, he cocked his head to the side. Licking his lips to enclose his lipring in between his teeth.
“Do you believe in ghost?”

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Hello father, Is it a sin to pray the rosery partially or incorrectly? Id like to get into the habit of praying the rosery when I lay in bed at night, but Ive found that I have a hard time remembering the mysteries or the apostle's creed without some sort of reference, which is hard to come by in the dark.


Why would it be a sin to pray the rosary partially or incorrectly?

Jesus said to pray constantly (Luke 18:7). Jesus never said, “Say only correct prayers, or God will not be pleased.” Neither did Our Lord say, “If you begin a prayer and you do not finish it, you will be committing sin.”

Prayer is lifting the soul up to God in order to speak heart to heart with Him. Jesus’ prayer is heartfelt and sincere, seeking to glorify God and love all God’s children. If you pray in such a way that you seek to glorify God and have more love for God’s children, you will be praying in spirit and in truth. 

That is the prayer, I believe, that pleases Jesus and Mary. Don’t worry about legalities and laws. Attempting to earn God’s love by following rules are not what praying is about. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

Pre work doodle: Pacifica Northwest, Transcendence AU

We need more Pacifica in this AU, I mean, there’s so many cool possibilities with her! I mean it’s already been determined she and Mabel are more friends now than enemies right?? Well just…bare with me a minute here!

Pacifica stays as much away from the supernatural as she can, despite being good friends with Mabel who’s brother is a demon. Being rich however there can be lots of opportunities where Supernatural creatures get involved in her day to day life. Say at parties and stuff, rich auctioning off rare creatures and things, sirens and/or Selkies (amoung other creatures part of me was thinking of Succubi cause cmon those are awesome and we are talking about rich people here) being companions to some of the other rich people at parties. Point is she’d deal with them despite not wanting to.

But she looks good while doing it.

• jewelry? Oh that’s just Buddha Rosery beads, and these are crystals with protection charms on them. Add in some pure silver and iron and she’s fairy proof (cause those little suckers really like shiney things I can imagine her stuff going missing constantly)
• two sets of pepper spray in her purse, one for humans the other mixed in with holy water. Total protection