With the Adventure Time screenshots being reblogged, I’m a little reminded on why I made the decision to not watch movie trailers.

Instead of showing just showing the bare minimum on getting you interested, you just decide to show all the cool parts off right away (or for trailers: just show off all the best gags) so that by the time you get to see it, it’s lost its impact.

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So, I have been considering buying a tablet recently, would you have any tips/suggestions? You're probably the person I would trust the most on this subject.

First off, do not expect it to work like pencil and paper. Don’t get upset if things don’t look the way you want to, or if it doesn’t feel right drawing with at first, even if it’s for several months- keep going at it. I had to slowly get into using my tablet, at first, I didn’t like doing anything but coloring with with it, and then I wouldn’t ink anything but stuff I scanned in first, and eventually I was fine with sketching digitally.

It’s not exactly like a pen, it’s more like a mouse that’s shaped differently, and you don’t stare at or think about your hand when you use your mouse, right? Same concept, you just have to get used to coordinating your hand to what’s going on on the screen.

edit: also. hovering the pen over the pad works like moving your cursor around, touching the pad is essentially a left click.

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So I just got my first tablet today, and I was wondering if you would be willing to share some brushes/advice on starting out in paint tool SAI

I know my “Just try it for yourself” answers may getting annoying- but I do this because you need to figure out what works for YOU because everybody has personal preferences, and what may work for me or somebody else may not work for you and a lot of others. The easiest way for you to figure out what you like the look of early on is to try the tools and work with it.

Since you’re a beginner, I don’t recommend using extra brushes just yet, it’s just overwhelming and confusing; especially since SAI comes with pretty nice beginner brushes from the pencil/pen tool to the marker tool.

I honestly support learning through being hands-on and getting personal experience and knowledge to a point where you understand it most (blame Bluth for putting this learning method in my head when I used to be part of his forums).

It’s ok to make mistakes, that’s how we learn. You have to be bad at something before you’re good at it- it’s how it is for any skill, like riding a bike. Or swimming.

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I don't understand why people hate on PS so much. I've been using it for almost a year now (I was all about SAI when I first started 3 years ago) and I find PS to be much more versatile and useful.

It’s hard to get into sometimes is all. It took me, maybe, three tries before it clicked for me.

SAI is pretty much made for art, while Photoshop is for photo editing with art-creation capabilities. The former tends to run easily on most computers without much problem, and it has the bare essentials, basically. The latter, if you only want to do art, has a lot of extra tools you may not need or understand, and it’s a bit heavier on your computer.

EDIT: ALSO IT COSTS A LOT, I FORGOT ABOUT THAT since I didn’t have to pay for the ones already on the computers at school

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Your tradtional sketches are awesome! Ever thought about selling them off at some point? (online/auction etc.)

My sketches are normally done to the side of the paper or on scrap pieces. I don’t think I’m confident enough to try and sell those the way they are at the moment