hello dragons.

look at your familiar

now look at me

now back to your familiar

now look at me,

sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using the fairgrounds and switched to Old Spice, he could make money like he’s me.

look down

back up

what’s in your hand? back at me. I have it.

it’s a chest with two things you’ve been looking for for weeks.

look again, the chest is now crimson silks.

anything is possible when your familiar makes money with Old Spice and not the fairgrounds. 

i’m on a dwarf unicorn.

I’ve also started making some mini earrings, in case you have a mini-me running around that may like to match you! They’re about half the size of the adult pair. $10 each, when you buy 3, you get a fourth for free! As always, nickel-free!!

Etsy is down (for now) so if you’d like to.purchase we can arrange through paypal!

Thank you!!

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1:36 AM 


I have two finals tomorrow.  I wouldn’t call them finals, more like simple tests.  But what are they testing anyways?  How much pointless information i can retain and regurgitate at their will?  

I never played games, set by anyone else, and these days, tests just feel like another game I don’t want to buy into.  By submitting into these games, I would be buying into a system which passes me onto the next institution which will gain the reins, or the chains with which they hold… no control my life.  I’ve spent 22 years jumping hurdles set by other people, instead of following my own passions and jumping the hurdles I want to jump.  Climbing the mountains I want to climb in exploration of what is really inside of me.  As I graduate college, I am as fulfilled as a young virgin purchasing a cheap hoe in pursuit of the cool factor which comes with loosing your virginity.  Disappointed, and wondering if the time was well spent

Little does that young boy know, is that it is his innocence which is the most valuable thing in the world.  The shit I wish I always knew.  But to return to my point, its that being in touch with your dreams that is valuable.  Developing and harboring a burning passion which keeps you engaged, and desires to complement those passions.  

Here I am, 22 years old feeling robbed of everything that once mattered to me.  And as hard headed as I thought i was, i wonder, how did I get passed through this system without noticing that I was loosing my ability to stay in touch with the things that really mattered to me.  Traded my friends and family for commitments.  Probably lost a soul mate along the way.  Robbed of everything I once found important.  And you would think that void leaves room to be filled, but all I’ve felt was emptiness.  Just trying to fill it with commitments, and achievements.  

So as I write here, venting out the fears and feelings I suppress for the best.  I’m making myself worse, I just hope I steer out.  

I listened to Kanye’s interview today, back before the fame.  Just hearing his passion and his trust in GOD to make things work.  I learned, that I’ve got to get in touch with my passions.  As far as I know, I love soccer.  I drugs fascinate me, technology is cool but I feel like its just growing beyond me.  Its always more, through technology people tend to live in a world of what will be, and what if’s; instead of what is.  Technology fascinates me, but I don’t want to be a slave to developments.  I don’t want to be a slave to innovation, I don’t want to be a slave to one sided solutions.  And maybe that’s why I don’t have any passions.  Because the one thing I AM passionate about, I do not do.  And that is play SOCCER.  Sure it probably does not come with a 401K plan, or pay great, and the chances of me making it anywhere are very slim.  But when I’m on the field, with a group of individuals who value me as a player, I am at bliss and there is nothing that can take away the happiness and freedom I feel.  Not once have I been on the field waiting for a game to finish…. Looking forward to doing whatever.  When I am on the field, time exists in a totally different dimension for me and it only enhances my experience during each game.  If there is one thing I need to keep in my life, it should be soccer.  Soccer needs to be made a priority because without it, i feel robbed of one thing which always brings me joy.  If i could start again, it would be school and soccer.  Then I would add in extracurricular around it.  I’m not saying I regret the things I’ve done because my past has opened up a ridiculous amount of doors for me in the future, I just wish I stayed in touch with my passion of playing soccer.  As I grow older, I hope I can remain connected to the game in some way.  I hope I grow and become passionate about other things.

Something else I am passionate about is LOVE.  If there is one thing i think about every day it is love, and my quest of finding true love.  Thats probably why I think about Shaelle still.  That was my one reminder of love.  And I hold onto that as something that can bring some sort of satisfaction.  I guess I have been just living in those memories but those memories hurt to hold onto.  I need to find new love and let it in, experience something different, and embrace CHANGE!  

Speaking of change, I need to get out of this town.  Its all the same every day!  I want to go out west, but I need to stay around my family.  I want my nephews to grow up knowing what it is like to have a tight knit family.  Especially since I never had that.  The bond I have with both of them is so great, and I’m proud of it.  I just want to continue to develop that with them.  I think it is essential for the continuity of this family, whether they bear the Rose name or not.  


Briana, Julie, Patrice, Roy, Nikole, Cynthia, Craig, Amit, Pawl, Brandon Baron, Megan, Desiree, Miesha, Sharna, Mercedess Alex, Christian, 


Anthony, Fontaine, Brea, Jeremy, Bonny, Elaine, Neal, Paul P, Bobby B, Aundrea,


The point of trying to organize and clarify this could of confusion which I refer to as my life, is because I’m trying to get better at following the path which GOD is setting for me.  Trying to carve my own way maybe interfering with his vision for me….. And thats the frustrating thing, I know…. I can feel that I am destined to bring something positive into the world, and really make an impact.  Its probably best to leave it up to he who sees the bigger picture, since I have such a limited scope view.  

So….. I will read the bible.  I will pray more.  I will be thankful.  

I will strengthen my mind, through knowledge, Body through Exercise, and Soul through Prayer.  

Hopefully things work out.  

If not, 


But thats another thing, I usually work well with my back against the wall.  When failure is not an option…. But we’ll see whats in store. 

Thank you tumblr for this outlet, hopefully no one reads it, and i can posts again. 

PS.  Its 2am … Forgive the tyop’s and grammar…. if any 

imagine a fae who’s bigger than most of their species, but who gets talked down to all the time because they’re so small and bigger species in their clan sometimes can’t help hatchling association

eventually the guy gets so fed up with this one day they start collecting eternal youth scrolls

and one day half the clan wakes up in a much smaller body than they should be in normally and from the background the fae silently whispers revenge