hello dragons.

look at your familiar

now look at me

now back to your familiar

now look at me,

sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using the fairgrounds and switched to Old Spice, he could make money like he’s me.

look down

back up

what’s in your hand? back at me. I have it.

it’s a chest with two things you’ve been looking for for weeks.

look again, the chest is now crimson silks.

anything is possible when your familiar makes money with Old Spice and not the fairgrounds. 

i’m on a dwarf unicorn.

Jihope Cloudgazing
  • Hobi:look at the clouds today!
  • Jiminie:*stares at Hobi*
  • Hobi:*points* that one looks like a squirrel
  • Jiminie:*continues to stare at Hobi*
  • Hobi:*notices Jiminie isn't paying attention*
  • Hobi:why aren't you looking at them?
  • Jiminie:I'm too busy staring at the sun

imagine a fae who’s bigger than most of their species, but who gets talked down to all the time because they’re so small and bigger species in their clan sometimes can’t help hatchling association

eventually the guy gets so fed up with this one day they start collecting eternal youth scrolls

and one day half the clan wakes up in a much smaller body than they should be in normally and from the background the fae silently whispers revenge