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  1. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Cinderella  
  2. Which Disney kingdom would you like to live in? (Corona, Arendelle, Atlantica, etc..) Arendella!!! 
  3. What is your biggest pet peeve? whiny people and Jerks 
  4. Favorite TV Show? Once upon a time 
  5. Who’s your favorite Game of Thrones character? Well I Don’t watch the show…But the Dragon chick is cool I guess? 
  6. Have you read the A Song of Ice and Fire books? (Game of Thrones series) Nope and I don’t plane on reading them 
  7. Favorite Disney villain? cruella deville
  8. What is your worst personality trait? i have very low self esteem it gets in the way of me doing things I feel…
  9. Frozen or Tangled? FROZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  10. What’s your favorite animal, mythological or real? dragons 
  11. How old are you? I’ll be 20 at the end of this mouth 

1.were do you live? 

2. Whats your dream pet? you believe in a higher power? why or why not?

4. fave Pokemon? 

5.skyrim or Bioshock? 

6.Fave narnia characters? 

7.Fave Band/singer? 

8.hamster or gerbils? 

9.Do you believe in Magic? why or why not?  

10.Name a Book, Movie or Show that changed your life.

11.Were do Babies come from again? 

I’d like to personally thank noaveragejamiewaeshael, and erikadprice for their advice regarding what to get for my chinchilla to chew on! I’ve gotten basically everything they said I should (even the cuttle bone) and he is chewing all of them (and staying away from my walls and molding)! He seems much happier! He’s more energetic and less lethargic and it is so good to see him this way. Thank you!

roseofrodents replied to your photo “Oh my god we got the cutest gerbils in I just want them all”

Is the nutmeg (I think) one okay? Looks fluffed up.

Yes, I noticed that, and I’ve been keeping an eye on him. I wasn’t sure if he was just greasy and needed a dust bath or was sick. I felt him and he’s not skinny, checked for wet tail, and he’s eating/drinking. So I think maybe he was just a little stressed? I didn’t work yesterday but I’ll put a bowl of bath dust/sand for them today.

roseofrodents replied to your post: Quick Tip: Out-of-cage time Gerbils n…

Great post, though I don’t agree that people should own gerbils if they’re restricted to hamster balls. It’s just not right.

That’s a very good point. I strongly disagree with hamster balls for gerbils, but if somebody already owns gerbils and is unable to provide any other form of exercise, it would be better than keeping them in the tank all of the time. Really, though, with the other options available, there’s really no chance that anyone couldn’t provide at least one of them.

roseofrodents replied to your post:Hey, hope you don’t mind if I ask you what kind of bedding(s) you use for your rodents? I can’t tell. ^_^

Thank you very much! The reason I asked was one of your gerbs (either Cheeseburger or Butterscotch I believe) had a red nose in a pic and I wondered if it was the bedding but those don’t sound bad to me… Have you checked their noses recently?

Yeah I am very careful about bedding. None of my gerbils have been sneezing or showing signs of respiratory infection, but I will keep a close eye on them :) Thanks for checking in!

roseofrodents replied to your post: roseofrodents replied to your post: In…

Oh yay!! I love love love seeing chins with companions because they’re so social. I hope intros go smoothly, and good luck with the job. :)

Yeah, I always intended for her to have a companion eventually. I really should have bought her with her sister when I first visited the breeder, but it was my first time owning a chinchilla and I didn’t know I’d take to it so well. When I called about a week or two later, the sister was gone. It took me about a year, but I finally decided I couldn’t wait anymore, since Luna was growing up and I was moving out of state. I’ve had Olive for a week today, and though their initial introduction didn’t go that well, last night’s introduction gives me hope that they’ll be friends soon.

Thank you!

roseofrodents replied to your post: In which: Luna meets Olive and doesn’t…

Will they be permanent companions? That would be awesome!

Yep! I got Olive so Luna would be less lonely when I moved and got a full time job. I’m hoping to have them occupy the same cage in the next week or so.

carouselcycles replied to your post: In which: Luna meets Olive and doesn’t…

Wow Luna is massive compared to Olive!

Olive is three months old! The breeder said her color mutation doesn’t get very large though, so even though Luna isn’t a very big girl, I don’t think Olive will ever get to quite her size. I got Luna when she was a month old, and she was already about the size Olive is now.

roseofrodents replied to your post: Taming Diaries - Olaf - Day Two Just …

Mine love nuts (esp. pine nuts), any kind of bread (which can be crumbled into bits so he doesn’t get much), pasta, pumpkin seeds & veg. Maybe a little plain yoghurt on a spoon or your finger, but obviously not often or much.

I’m thinking that nuts will work, but I need to buy some first. I always give them nuts when they’re young because it gives them a lot of healthy fat and protein to help them grow. I also forgot to say that I tried pasta and pumpkin seeds! I still have yet to try yogurt, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, scrambled egg, and bread. Thanks :)