rosenthal stud


Just some randoms, mostly half-assed edits. Top is Mayintherein, my first racing TB. He’s small and young, learning at home for now, until Twinbrook has its own racetrack. Middle is the forever beautiful mare, Anastasia, and last, as some of you may know, is Harley, an old mare from Jan of 2012, that I made over with new markings and all that jazz! c: She’s still my favorite! <3


c: I’ve been working on Rosenthal! Posted these over at Equus-Sims the other day, but I have to show them off here too ofc! I meshed and textured the stalls from scratch, along with the new wooden saddle hangers, the haynet and the feed bucket in the stall (which is just on an OMSP so that it appears to be attached to the stall, haha. so clever >_>). I plan on releasing the stalls soon c: Just have to make a few more wall pieces. Enjoy!