Tom Rosenthal - Fenn - Album Review


London singer songwriter Tom Rosenthal has released around 100 tracks on BandCamp, YouTube and Spotify since 2011 and amassed around 100 million hits and streams completely independently, with no manager and being too busy looking after his children to play gigs. There’s barely a trace of him online besides his songs. This is one of the only reviews of any of his albums on Google.

He makes wonderful videos and animations for half of his songs and has promised to make a video for every song on this album, Fenn. He connects with his fans, sending them personalised notes with his music and merchandise, and tells them in YouTube comments that “maybe I don’t want to be famous”.

Tom has dedicated this album to his youngest baby daughter Fenn, and some of the songs address her directly, explaining the ridiculousness of the world, urging her to make the most of life right now, “Welcome to the world it’s a pretty, funky mess… Throw the fear, throw the fear… You’re alive I’m alive we’re ali-ly-ly-ly-ly-live” with celebratory, ecstatic melody and music.

He talks with melancholy to P.A.S.T.A, asking it to save his day in a love song. “The Only Good Thing About Bad Bob” is epic, as Tom growls about Bob that  “He’s bad in a myriad of ways”.

On “My Lucky Pants Failed Me Again”, “the sheep cheer me on their Baaa’s”. It’s a triumphant song full of joy, laughter and hope.

He ponders on “I’m quite short for a Goalkeeper”, that he’s “quite wise for a fool and quite loud for a librarian”, stringing together hilarious couplets, but the song is actually tinged with sadness and love, about the importance of understanding your own humanity.

This quirky album is also about people, as songs are dedicated in their titles to Bad Bob, Miguel, Fenn and James, telling Pedro “It’s alright we’re all in this song.”

The last four songs conclude the album with feelings of nostalgia, hope and love in downbeat piano led ballads, displaying Tom’s songwriting talent in an exposed heartfelt way, finishing by beautifully telling Fenn that, “You won’t need me, you only need you.”

Choirs, ukulele, trumpet, violin, cello, piano, drums, synth and guitar are sprinkled across the album, giving it a myriad of varying textures. Tom’s singing style is unique, with unconventional vocals quivering with deep emotion that have enormous range, with many moments in falsetto.

This record has just elevated Tom’s position to the artist of the 10s. Like all great Tom Rosenthal albums, it’s an intricately crafted rollercoaster of laughter, silliness, paradoxes and love, displaying exquisitely the connection we all need in these pretty, funky, messy times.

(Stream the whole album below)


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Important info on dear Evan Hansen

Harmful method acting does not = success. Just bc Platt harmed himself (is emotionally drained and in physical therapy) for his role does not mean he is obligated to get a tony. No one owes you or him anything bc of his harming himself. Injuring yourself for art is not admirable and it is not a good show of dedication. I love ben Platt and I love DEH I saw it live last month and it was amazing I sobbed and smiled and I felt understood. Platt deserves a tony for the emotion he put in the role, for his singing talent. He is so much better than expecting praise for his injury. Christian Borle didn’t deserve praise for his unhealthy weight loss in AIA. NPH didn’t deserve praise for an onstage injury almost every nigh in HATI. Someone deserves praise for being in a taxing role and still practicing self care. Andrew Rannells, didn’t pick up ONE unhealthy habit in Falsettos he didn’t force himself to lose weight to look sick, he healthily dealt with the emotions the show made him feel. Anthony Rosenthal a 12-13 yr old kid deserves praise for practicing self care in the very same show with such heavy content that I wouldn’t be able to handle when I was his age. Lena Hall deserves praise for taking care of her voice through all her demanding roles. People looking to get onto Broadway; HARMFUL HABITS TO YOUR BODY DO NOT MAKE YOU MORE CREDITED AS AN ACTOR OR MORE DEDICATED TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF SHOWS DEDICATION.

And I’m not saying Ben is bad for picking up these habits sometimes it’s inevitable and he’s dealing with it very well though he deserves a week off soon in my opinion. All I’m saying is people need to stop praising this and saying he deserves a tony because of it. He doesn’t. He deserves it for the same reason everyone else does he’s talented, he lives in his role he’s trying to change the bad habits and injuries he picked up that = GOOD. Don’t allow young theater people to think you have to do this sort of thing to get recognition for your talent