8 things to know before becoming a fan girl
  1. it is the end of your social life
  2. you will forever cry yourself to sleep
  3. fanfiction will become the only thing you read
  4. your ship will never become canon, unless it already is in which case the writers will ruin the relationship and you’ll cry some more
  5. it’s the only thing you think about
  6. no one will understand why you love your ship/fandom so much except for the people who ship/watch it
  7. the relationships in fanfiction are the closest to real live ones you’re going to get
  8. did i mention you cry a lot?

bonus: this is what you look like after you watch the show/read fanfiction

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it’s wild people are flipping because of the actors age differences… . .
like in canon Ashildr is an immortal who has seen eons go by and you all think shes too y o u n g

she is probably as O L D as the doctor, shit chill

y'all didn’t have a problem with rosenine or roseten age difference so-

5 things all fan girls do
  1. read a lot of fanfiction (like so much)
  2. cry a lot
  3. defend their ships until their dying breath
  4. stay up until 4am watching fanvids about their ship
  5.  yell at the screen when when their ship doesn’t get enough screen time

Okay but changelingverse!who. But changelingverse!rosedoctor. Where Rose is a sweet little songbird, like a canary, and she flits around the control room when she has to exercise her shift. And the TARDIS translates shift speak of course so the doctor has no trouble chatting with shifted changelings.

And Rose talking with nine, and doing dumb dances, his head bobbing and her head bobbing to loud nineties music he puts on cause he knows she loves it. Her sitting on his shoulder but tumbling around when she tries to land on his head.

So he regenerates with the fullest, floppiest, best hair. And Rose lands in it and plays with it while he works on the TARDIS. Once she falls asleep there and he cups her gently in his hands and takes her to her room.

But them going on adventures and getting stuck where Rose would stick out, so she shifts and hides in his pocket, or the collar of his coat.

Just… Changelingverse!who though.