Mineworld Impressions: Edgetown

The theme was tunnels, tunnels was the mission. Mission accomplished, i’d say. Feb 27th - March 3rds Mineworld saw Edgetown move underground. (Not without at least some memory of last week though, it seems, as the entrance was a bit “jumpy” as well)

Some projects were begun but could not be completed. The completed ones however had some nice builds in them. Due to the narrow space situation (i did mention “tunnels”, right?) not every aspect of the shown builds are visible.
Second row shows us one tunnel of the Edgetown Highway with interiour wall design by elysha1995, a nice little flower tunnel, and one of the third places, daisytheslayers parks and rec cave. The second place shown below is by sam—n—cheese (you got me at diamond ore as floor) and the last three pictures show the, duely deserving, first place by rosenfel. I’ll let you guess where this wardrobe leads you and why you get the sudden urge to look for a faun when you leave the wardrobe. No idea what i’m talking about? Google “wardrobe lamp-post” please, you’ve been missing out.