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Seeing that he only wore them while working on ledgers and other kingdom business, Hans kept his only pair of glasses on his desk in the study he shared with Elsa. Recently, Elsa had frequented her chair and desk less and less due to her entering the last weeks of her pregnancy with their second child. Naturally, this meant more work fell on him but he didn’t mind; it gave Elsa the opportunity to spend more time with Isabella and she wouldn’t have to stress out or worry too much.

With the added workload, he sometimes forgot to take off his glasses and only remembered to do so when someone pointed it out. Not today though. Today, he remembered to take them off and placed them carefully on top of a trading proposal from Rosenfell. He left the room and headed towards the drawing room. It was midday day so Isabella would be taking her nap while Elsa was in said room, reading a book and relaxing her swollen feet.

He found his wife as he had expected: relaxing on a chaise longue with her shoes of, her eyes glued to the pages of the book and occasionally nibbling on a piece of chocolate. Hans didn’t stay long but he was happy to be with his wife for a few moments, part of him wishing Isabella was there too.

After a short conversation with Elsa and her baby bump, Hans returned to the study, determined to finish all the paperwork so he could spend the evening with his daughter. He doesn’t notice his glasses are gone until he plunks down in his chair and tries to grab them while looking away,

“What?” He muttered in surprise. He begins searching for them under the stack of papers, though he distinctly remembered putting them on top of them. He searched in the drawers and even under the desk and chair but he can’t find the slightest trace of them.

“Where are they?” He was about to search furiously for them among the paper once more when he hears something. A giggle, coming from behind the closet door. He looks at the door and noticed that it was open the slightest, a smirk appearing on his face when he heard another giggle.

“Where, oh where have my glasses gone?” He said loudly in a playful tone, eliciting another giggle. “They couldn’t have disappeared into thin air, could they?” More giggles. Hans subtly moved closer to the closet, “They  were not on my desk or on mama’s. Where could they possibly be?” He grabbed the handle of the door, “Could it be in here?” He waited one second, more giggles emerging from behind the wood, before he yanking it open with a victorious yell, “Ha!”

The three year old girl screamed and tried to dash past unsuccessfully. Hans swooped the girl up and began blowing raspberry into her neck.

“Got you, you little rascal!” He said before continuing with the raspberry, it eliciting squeals from the girl.

“Daddy! Stop!” She screamed, trying to wiggle her way free but failing to do so. Fortunately, Hans doesn’t subject her to the torture for long.

“You took my glasses, didn’t you, Snowflake?” Hans said accusingly, poking her stomach. The girl giggled.


“No?” Hans asked, Isabella shaking her head with the most innocent look on her face. “Then where are they?” As he had excepted, she pointed to the closet. Girl still in his arms, he went to it and found his glasses only after a brief search, hidden in the shadows. “How do you think they got there. You think they sprouted legs and walked there?” Once again, Isabella nodded. While he found it adorable that she was denying stealing his glasses, he was not happy that she had taken them in the first place. With a sigh, he put her down.

“Don’t take my glasses again.” He said to her once he knelt down, his tone stern but gentle as well because he didn’t want to be too harsh. “I need them when I’m working. Do you understand?” Looking at her feet, the child nodded. Seeing that she was upset, Hans gave a weak smile and embraced her, giving her a kiss on her temple. “Now, go bother your mother.” He told her once the embrace was finished, “I’ll see you tonight,” With a brighter smile, Isabella nodded and dashed out the room, leaving behind a chuckling and head-shaking father.