lifhtning.png v___v
im not sure how i feel about the choice of colors and the pose is hella bland but eehhhhn im still not confident in more dynamic looking things i guess????? ah but ye this is something from the monster generator
“Bereft lightning spirit girl who wears casual clothing and wants Rainstorm”
i kind of ditched ‘casual clothing’ whops kfjgsdkjg 

theres more 2 the design but i cant seem 2 get my art to look not-hideous so this is all u see
(meanin theres an alt outfit i guess???? an dalso shoes,,)
plz note that this is the fruit of a struggle that has taken a few hours of me trying to draw feet and then giving up

flygon gijinka \m/ 

finally done!!?!!!!! i think so! at least, im tired of fooling around with this so.
um hi im mia im l8 2 evrything 4evr nd evr hru

but w00t w00t i can finally makr off a day. which is —-> Day 1: Favorite Normal Type

And i picked………..zangoose, of course!!! I lovelovelovelovelvoelvoelvoelvoevlovelove zangoose. not sure why though, ehehe. I mean, they’re cute in a touch-me-u-die kinda way? and i just. rly. like them,,,,,
and thats kind of all there is 2 that answer!

and um i cannot….draw animals worth a poop so i was like “lol it mite b fun 2 make 31 gijinkas!!!!” and i guess it is (its also a nice way to mess around w/ body types and shit) and um. yeap!

um anyway!! this is Vladdie, and i am sort of proud of her even tho im kinda more in love w/ her ‘original’  design. buuuut it wouldnt make sense??? soooooooo courtney helped me get this design all nice and tidy (if even that)

like i said im trying to mess around with body types and shit ?

i wanted to keep her with the same general shape (i guess) of zangoose, which are kind of chubby and short-ish (tall 4 a pooekmon but whatevz) and at first she just…..kind of looked like a lady wrestler barbarian slut? which was kind of neat but meh i did some 'developing’ or whatever (with more help from the lovely bitch mentioned above) and decided this was

the way


ehehe in case some1 is wonderin, she is sort of based/referenced off cherry (from studio killers) and i hope no one minds!! i had this idea in mind before it even registered that she looked similar to the other character so gosh i hope no one thinks im cheating or what have you,,,

um damn this is kind of long so i guess ill babble more later when im not sounding like a complete moron ????

wOW I HAVE NO IDEA WHJAT M OSOIGNG????/ fuck art omf
stupid pic i sketched and then shit into sai and then i guess barfed all over with colros b/c lmao how do you
art what is art how odes it /…..wo wkr??????? eihjghgh
spent 2 long on this not to post it though (mostly fuckin with rays face b/c om g what a NERd) but um
yeah ok