rosemary baker


Last but not least are three final students living in the Pinenut Plaza dorms. Rosemary Baker and Lila Welsh have been inseparable since they were kids, and college is no exception; although Rosemary does wish Lila would give some warning before inviting her boyfriend Ayden to stay the night in their room. Not sure what she wants to do after graduating, Rosemary is pursuing a literature major, while geeky Lila thrives in physics.

Bumming around down the hall is freshman Basil Baker; he’s actually Rosemary’s cousin, but he’s not really clinging to her, happy to make his own way. That way seems to detour past the bubble blower an awful lot.

(That’s it! Those are all the playable Sims in my hoods! Ta-dah! Now who’s in your game?)


Rather than quit her job or take time off, Violet let her neighbour Kamryn babysit Rosemary while she was at work (with me hovering obsessively to make sure nothing went wrong - I know all the games are broken, but AL is the most broken of all. Halfway through babysitting your neighbour just decides to go back to their own apartment, at which point social services decides there aren’t any adults home and bye-bye baby…).

Kamryn and Rosemary got on really surprisingly well. Kamryn is the best nanny I’ve ever had. She even potty-trained her, which I’ve never had a nanny do. (Then again, I can’t remember the last time I had a nanny for a Sim younger than a Child.) As you can see, she was even there to help her age up. It was almost too much… she wouldn’t leave poor Rosemary alone. She bathed her to exhaustion, or she’d try to give her three baby bottles in a row, or she’d put her to bed when she was only half-sleepy, only to turn on the TV and stop her from sleeping but keep her trapped in the crib. So… useful, but ultimately very annoying.

She kind of comes across as someone who loves children and wants desperately to be helpful, but she’s more of a nuisance than anything. Not dangerous, but constantly cooing over how cute kids are when she doesn’t really understand how hard it is to look after one 24/7.

It also makes me think up a backstory for her including a kid she had when she was younger, but had to give up…

Such an elaborate story this Sim is making when I’d only ever invented them to become a zombie maid.