rosemary art


a random soulmate au idea i had, where a person has a mark/tattoo on their arm to represent their soulmate and it spreads as they grow up to incorporate different things that represent the person or have some significance to them and eventually you have a full sleeve tattoo and it’s neato.

(and just think of the potential shenanigans from people trying to interpret their tattoos. like “goddammit is this dog supposed to represent loyalty or do they just really fuckin love dogs??”)


@rosemarymonth Day 10: AU week day 3, 4RE W3 TH3R3 Y3T, THE RETURN

In which Dave wusses out of skating on his new, sick, UNREAL AIR so Rose decides to show him its no big deal, and proceeds to Totally Eat Shit.

Edit: Rose then proceeds to hit on her own wife whos just trying to feed her crackers

collab with @rose-ebottles, SNOP.png made by @kanayamaryamistrans and @frantastically

bonus hospital scene: