We recently played Bioshock Infinite with Zei (thanks to Steam Sales). So, when i was kinda out of ideas for this week’s inventory work, I decided to go with the Vigors. I know the teacher will hate it but it was fun to work on these with markers (my first time attempting this big with markers) and even though I screwed up in the midway, i think it turned out rather good.



💕💕Kawaii Desu nee ~!!!!! 💕💕😭
The kigurumi and the kitty hoodie where made by the amazing @customcritterdesigns ! They look so cute !!! Thank you so much ! Devins cloths and sugars shirt, as well as their wigs ( all but sugars who it’s a mix of wigs put together lol ) where done by the amaizing @dolly_senpai/@princesyu and @hooper_cross from @laesperanzadollshop
So if you could only pick one of these cutties wich one would you snuggle with??? XD