Made some new inkling FCs; they are twins, ye~

Liam uses the Octobrush Nouveau and Rose uses the Heavy Splatling Deco. [Tbh, she’ll use any weapon that is Deco that has the sequins on it. That’s her main weapon though.]


We recently played Bioshock Infinite with Zei (thanks to Steam Sales). So, when i was kinda out of ideas for this week’s inventory work, I decided to go with the Vigors. I know the teacher will hate it but it was fun to work on these with markers (my first time attempting this big with markers) and even though I screwed up in the midway, i think it turned out rather good.



💕💕Kawaii Desu nee ~!!!!! 💕💕😭
The kigurumi and the kitty hoodie where made by the amazing @customcritterdesigns ! They look so cute !!! Thank you so much ! Devins cloths and sugars shirt, as well as their wigs ( all but sugars who it’s a mix of wigs put together lol ) where done by the amaizing @dolly_senpai/@princesyu and @hooper_cross from @laesperanzadollshop
So if you could only pick one of these cutties wich one would you snuggle with??? XD


Roselyn :3

one hour to put the dress on her (it’s the hardest clothes to put so far—), and the photoshoot, lasted about 1,5 hrs to 2hrs…

she’s really photogenic, unlike my .. 90% of my dolls lol! *i just suck*

and… a little bonus for the lol! haha (nope that’s totally not my bathroom, nope.)