“I think the ambassador from Antiva will have to wait.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“Our daughter is fast asleep.”

“Ah. Well - that’s a fair reason to keep him waiting. I’m sure he’ll understand the need a two-year-old has for her sleep.”

“If not satisfied by our explanation, I’m sure Olivia could convince him.”

Absolutely adorable painted commission from @janearts of a slightly older Alistair and Roselyn with their twins, Edward and Olivia. 

I love cute familial scenes like this. And I simply imagine Alistair and Roselyn taking every opportunity to play with their children and spend time with them. Making forts in their bed, and taking sneaky naps together when affairs of ruling a country don’t require their immediate attention. I always see them as incredibly hands-on and doting parents. In both the Behind the Throne AU, and in the canon universe.

@janearts is always pleasant to commission, and the finished work always worth it. I strongly recommend commissioning her if you have the money to spare.


Some of the dark skinned black actresses suggested for Sana Starros, following the Han Solo prequel casting yet another white brunette as the female lead. Sana’s character is a major player in the prequel comics and the Star Wars franchise is in dire need of WOC leads.

Anna Diop
Karidja Touré
Mya Taylor
Alexandra Grey
Deborah Ayorinde
Yityish Titi Aynaw
Mercy Johnson
Genevieve Nnaji
Roselyn Ngissah
Ahuofe Patri
Gloria Sarfo
Lydia Forson
Jackie Appiah
Simona Brown
Stefanée Martin