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curseofthecolossi and rosellevergreius

“—I do not know much about them I’m afraid I cannot help you right now anon.”

//These two! jsfhjsdfhds I have been rping with both of them for a few months now on my Cinquey account. I am so happy to call them both friends!

Curseofthecolossi- An amazing rper. He is really stubborn as he won’t accept any compliments, I can’t really talk but.. ohohoho~ I don’t know what to say. We used to talk all the time, we stilll do talk but not as much so I know him pretty well~ yes yes -nods- oh and we have quite a lot in common.

Rosellevergreius- My wife. I don’t know what I would do without her! She is funny and can make me laugh all the time.  omg i just love her so so so muchh. I would love to meet her as she doesn’t live tooo far awayyyyyyyyyyyyy …. ish. Well she doesn’t live on the other side of the world anyways. But yeah we are soul mates and i hope that nothing can tear us apart.

I lova you both!!!! Thanks for being my friend Lelja and Elijah ;a; I am so glad i met you guys!

… both have really similar names ohohohohohoo made me chuckle!