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More and more people! Momentarily, Garry blinked in surprise–it had been quite some time since he saw a group this large. However, since then and now, his nerves have calmed–maybe he was finally getting over that incident? But sadly–the violet haired man knew it would take much longer; although he had no clue how long it’s been. Nonetheless, the man takes a few steps, scanning over the crowd nervously–strange, they were–and dressed differently; much more differently than any other person in.. wherever place this was. What.. is this place–? A twitch of his lips and he speaks, difficultly and in the manner of a question: “Go..od evening?”

“Vooi, the hell do you want?!”

The shark glanced across the crowd, mostly familiar faces though many of which he didn’t have the patience for. And at the moment, he didn’t have the patience for much, anyways. He was exhausted from all the bullshit he’d been handed for one day.


The white haired girl walked through the the unusual environment. She was confused in how she ended up in such a strange place. She strolled the streets not anxious in the slightest, she had been in worst situation therefore she wasn’t shaken but still kept her guard on. The youth stop to look skyward to see the moon shine down on her she tilted her head only slightly at the sight. The silence was broken when she heard sudden footsteps behind her. 

She summoned her weapon just to be safe, she swiftly turned creating a cold breeze. She angled her rapier so it pointed to the strangers neck only a few millimetres away from contact. She stayed silent with stern eyes waiting for the other to create conversation.


      ⊰:✝:⊱   Kaidan had just finished up with another one of his poor victims. He has drained the body of all blood, and was planning on just leaving it there. He was in a Forest so it wasn’t like it would be found anytime soon. “Isn't tonight just beautiful?” He asked the dead young male smiling. “I Can still have some fun with—” But stop before finishing this sentence, he heard something. There was someone else here, this wasn’t a problem he could just kill who ever this was.