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Rules : 

  • must be following the admin roselhia (me)
  • must be active
  • must reblog this post at least once ( likes do not count)
  • mut be willing to put a badge on your blog 
  • and of course, you must love Cher 

Perks : 

  • new friends
  • gain followers
  • help with html/vote and promo

For a higher chance : 

  • reblog this post more than once
  • tag a post with #roselhia telling me why you want to be in the network

Others : 

  • if you have any question just message me
  • network page is here (under construction)
  • i’ll be picking 15 blog when i will be happy with the notes
  • all blog types are welcome, but rosy/bubblegum have a better chance

good luck and happy reblogging :)x

I got tagged !

I was tagged by: yourfavfitspo


1. always post the rules

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1. How was your summer ? 

I came back from school, opened my computer and went on tumblr 24/7 :)

2. Do you have any pets ? 

A hot dog (get it?) ;)

3. Are you in love or have you ever been? 

Yes, i love everyone of you <3

4. Favourite childhood memory ? 

When I didn’t have to go to school lol

5. ” I am most at peace when _____”  

I’m not at school

6. 3 things you like about yourself ?  

that i started a tumblr, that i have amazing followers on tumblr, that I’m still on tumblr

7. Last movie you watched ? 

The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones

8. Describe your dream wedding ? 

Anything with a lot of food

9.  What astrological sign are you ? 


10. yoga or pilates ? 

Neither because they’re both exercise

11. Dream job ? 


My questions: 

1. Favorite pick up line?

2. Favorite TV show?

3. When is your birthday?

4. Funniest gif?

5. Proudest achievement in your life?

6. A song that is stuck in your head?

7. Thoughts on school?

8. Describe your favorite food?

9.  What is your favorite emoticon?

10. Whose your best friend on tumblr?

11. What was your first URL on tumblr?

I tag: roselhia, rosasita, blushetta, daisyhaz-e, euflohria, r-osyair, aeula, f-loralise, roseila, florahlies, dazieh

Followers ignore :)

Hi there, I would love to be chosen for the rosy Cher Lloyd network cause I’ve been a brat since October 2011 and I’ve been loving and supporting Cher every single second. I think she’s the most inspiring and wonderful girl in the whole wide world and I love her so much. I also only knew brats on Twitter so it would be amazing to get to know some brats on Tumblr. And also have someone to fangirl over Cher with here on tumblr! I really hope you consider picking me, lots of love /Elin


I want to be in this network bc I really love to make new friends and Cher is my idol I learned all her sings by heart and I’m in love with her style she is so perfect. I’m 16 and I love helping people in anyway (reblog picture, vote for them, with html, giving advices…) and meeting. I’m a rosy/bubblegum blog.

followers don't read! xxx

hey doll!

i would love to be in your rosy cher lloyd network because i love her! i loved her ever since x factor and she is awesome! also i am a good team player as i help others when they are doing promo and for voting! i am always listening oiut for people so i give out great advice and when people get hate i always “scare away” the hater and make the victim okay! also i have a witty sense of humour and i love meeting new people on tumblr! also i love giving advice and helping on people’s blogs and html!“ xxx