why u should read the 5th wave
  • ben parish
  • two badass girls as main characters
  • ben parish
  • there is aliens and they’re not green with three pairs of eyes
  • also there’s ben parish
  • just because it’s fcking amazing
  • and do not forget ben parish

I have two older siblings—I have an older brother and an older sister—and they had the time of their lives at university. They were at Newcastle and Edinburgh. Looking up to them the whole time, I wanted to go to university and live the life they were living, having a blast, and I didn’t get in. I didn’t get into any of the universities I wanted to go to. So wanting to study drama, I realized we had to think of another avenue, and that’s when I chose drama school. I was able to get into LAMDA and then those three years were just magic. And graduating at the age of 21 was a wonderful age to hopefully start a career.


So, because i reached 4k followers this week, i decided to celebrate making a follow forever! Thank you for my followers, i love your beautiful faces <3 AND you guys should follow these people, they are awesome (:


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So I figured I would join in on all the holiday follow forevers, because you guys make me really happy and all kinds of good mushy-gushy feelings. I’ve followed, talked to, and made some really groovy friends on this site, so accept this as a big ole virtual hug from me, you magnificent human beings.

Shout-out to my real-life nerds, you guys are just as odd as I am, and I truly love you all quite a lot. #squad 

Sarah, Jadelyn, and Sadie

And now to begin the actual follow forever. You guys made my dash super pretty and incredibly funny. I cherish you all. 

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Happy Holidays and have a great new year, everyone!