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Monster High is full of potential fridge horror and yeah Draculauras backstory is pretty high on the existential kind…

It’s especially bizarre to me because I really don’t get those vibes from any of the other characters (except Spectra, but she’s a different kind of off), even the other vampires (I actually have a vague theory that there are two kinds of vampires in the MH-verse, born and made, and since Draculaura’s so different from the other vampire teens and they seem to be mostly more traditionally vampiric combined with their teen-ness, it’s much easier to imagine them- except Valentine- having been born, because why would they affect being teenagers and go to school and stuff when they’re still pretty “normal” vampires with no drive toward coming off cute and innocent?)

Like, okay, Lagoona. I’m still convinced Lagoona’s dad is one of the Deep One hybrids from H.P. Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth.  (Her mom’s a sea nymph, it’s entirely plausible that there are nymphs all over the world and her mom’s where Lagoona gets her Australian heritage from. It also would explain why Lagoona’s so cute- something tells me that nymph genes kind of overwhelm creepy frogmonster genes, or at least smooth them over a bit.) While what happens in that story is pretty horrific in its original setting, it’s pretty easy to picture parts of it all MH-ified and cute (particularly the younger people in Innsmouth having swimming races in the harbor for fun). You can’t really do that with Draculaura.

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On the note of TV characters with implied autism, James from Pokemon has to be on the spectrum in some manner. He collects odd things (bottlecaps and trading cards), is super awkward, and has a tendency of saying things at inappropriate times. I've always loved him most of all the humans and I think it's because I identify so strongly with him and his personality and mannerisms.