Pssh. Had to draw these losers today. Dang, I gotta draw the racers more often. Heck, I gotta draw everybody more often.

And yeah there’s a shippy sketch (because I was bored out of my mind), but I kind of think of the Rosehip Girl and Stickman Jinn to be bros and/or friends with benefits.


And there’s a random Ronin in the mix. :|

idek man

I was tagged by @stygianqueen and @alphaofdarkness , thank you! <3

Rules: using only song titles from 1 artist, cleverly answer these 10 questions. Tag 10 people at the end!

The artist I choose is: Girls Generation. Lmao, sorry not sorry.
What is your gender?: Girls (this is hilarious btw)
Describe yourself: Lionheart. 
How do you feel?: Divine.
If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: P-P-P-Paradise! 
Favorite mode of transportation: Mr Taxi.
Your best friend: Dear Santa.
Favorite time of day: Party, lol.
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: Catch me if you can.
What is life to you?: Soul.
Relationship status: Kissing you *muack*
Your fear: Galaxy Supernova (they are extremely dangerous tbh)

I tag @rosehips-and-cherrydips , @natiwati and @plutonio-shoujo : ) 

Safebooru - Anime picture search engine! - 6+girls aki (girls und panzer) assam bandages black hair blonde hair bottle bow braid clara (girls und panzer) copyright name cover cover page crusader (tank) crying cup darjeeling doujin cover freckles fukuda (girls und panzer) girls und panzer glasses hair bow hairband handkerchief harp hat helmet instrument jumpsuit kadotani anzu kawashima momo koyama yuzu long hair mika (girls und panzer) mikko (girls und panzer) multiple girls nakajima (girls und panzer) nishi kinuyo orange pekoe playing instrument ponytail redhead rosehip rumi (girls und panzer) saucer shimada arisu short hair short twintails spilling stuffed animal stuffed toy sweater takanaga kouhei tea teacup tears teddy bear tsuchiya (girls und panzer) twin braids twintails uniform uniform vest wrench | 1658998


Bet y'all thought I forgot about the requests? WELL I DIDN’T.

Unspecific prompts are my fav because I can just draw whoever I want, which means all those guys no one draws ever.

Honestly, I think I’m just going to start filling most of the requests left with tons of mini scenes instead of just one picture. Yes good plan.

(pro tip: open image in new tab for full view *aggressive winking*)