Proof I’m not talking shit:

I loved the Alice Games by American McGee, so I decided to draw Dr. Angus Bumby (biggest asshole villain EVER) behind the door of my room: He looks like (SPOILERS) ALice remembers him when he raped/killed her sister, locked her room, took the key to her room and set their house a flame.

His glasses and the key glow in the dark. “There are no centaurs in Oxford” is written above him, in colours, which are only visible in the dark.

He creeps the fuck out of my guests.

gamersbliss asked:

Prompt: Robert teaches Rosalind how to become a better dancer ^^

“Robert, what on earth’s name are you doing?” 

This was Rosalind’s reaction upon seeing her brother dancing to some kind of foreign dance, a dance that looked like walking backwards in a smooth motion. What has gotten into my dear brother? , she thought.

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