Bby’s Art

I’m honestly really shocked at how much my baby has grown over about 4 years. Like, I have about five pieces of art for her and just.. How did it get this much like Gahh. About three of them have been done by a close friend of mine and the other two, one was a gift for my birthday and the other was a gold commission and I just, looking at these in order that they where made is kinda shocking to see her change.

1. {By @in0myou }

2. {By @illa-rosefeather }

3. {By @in0myou }

4. {By @rosequartzsharks }

5. {By @in0myou }

Fae is like my child and to just see all this art of her, makes me really flipping happy. Big thanks to Lizzie poo for drawing most of these even if you never finished two of them {FINISH US LIZ!} And thank you lots @illa-rosefeather for that gift of Fae. And thank you lots as well @rosequartzsharks , even if it was a paid for with gold, I’m still really happy you did it. <3 Love you three lots.