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holy i actually love this ship ever since reading the pesterlogs in canon i was kind of surprised to find there were more people who shipped it on tumblr?? nice to know since it’s a good one

but yeah i think their relationship is dynamic and a lot of things could happen with it! i really think eridan would be the worry wart out of the two and be constantly calling rose up like, ‘hey you ok, hey how u doin’  and she’d have to reassure him that nothing was wrong and yes she’s doing great. eridan would probably feel afraid to lose her since she’d be one of the few people he’d deem ‘a landweller that’s actually fun to talk to’ and they’d be able to talk about things that interest them and other people find boring. like eridan loves historical leaders right and he’d probably have read a lot of books about them so rose and him could discuss literature and get each other interested in different things and broaden their horizons!!

at first rose would have a really hard time taking him serious like his fashion sense and the whole genocide complex thing. she’d probably just play along with his act for the first few weeks and he’d think she was actually being sincere so he’d tell her his feelings about things and complain to her and she’d be like, ‘wait this guy is actually serious and that’s really funny’ and that would be what sparked her interest in him. then they’d get to know each other better and rose would realize there’s a lot more to eridan than all that!! and eridan would probably be able to get rose all flustered once or twice and she’d be really weirded out by the fact that she actually likes him hahaha 

so yup these guys are 10/10 babes in my books ok

send me a ship and i’ll tell you why i ship/don’t ship it


I took all my shippy feels and made a video! :)