Random thoughts about Anthy’s hair/glasses

In the first episode, Anthy is introduced with tied up, neat hair, giving no clue about how long it really is. Plus, she wears round glasses.

Also, throughout (most of) the anime, her hair and glasses stay properly in place even when flying rocks and such is going on.  She appears as the quiet, reserved princess/rose bride, with the purpose to please/act like the one who won her through the duells wishes.

And now let’s take a look at episode 39, when she leaves Othori:

No tied up hair, no glasses.

I kind of ponder about that those things where attributes to the picture of the role of the “perfect princess”, in which Anthy was forced (by Akio/the society who didn’t want a powerful woman like her because it’s kinda like when a man is powerful he’s seen as a hero, when a woman is powerful, she’s seen as defiant/rebellious, in Anthy’s case as a witch).

So letting her hair hanging loose, taking of her glasses (I sometimes wonder if they maybe were something like a shield of defense so no one could approach the real her?) is an act of maybe finally showing herself again, to show they world that she’s definitely capable to escape the role, to be strong as a woman &  to take matters into her own hands.

Just some thoughts, I have no idea if this is all true but I could spend days thinking about the symbolic in this anime, seriously.

I already do that

It’s way more interesting than homework assigments, I regret nothing

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all the cosplays I did this year!

plus a few unpictured.

A Look at Everything I’ve done in 2012.
Cosplays from Left to Right, Top to bottom
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Utena Tenjou - Movie Duelist - Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie
Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing - Hellsing OVA
Hannah Anafeloz - Kuroshitsuji Season II
CC - Code Geass R2
Asuka Langley Soryu - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Utena Tenjou - Revolutionary Girl Utena - Rosebride
Amy Pond - Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes to War (also did the Amy’s Choice version while pregnant and from the beginning of Season 6…Can’t find a picture for the life of me)
Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games
Loki Laufeyson - The Avengers
Phoenix/Jean Grey - X-Men 3: The Last Stand
Asuka Langley Shikinami - Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 - Test Plug
Madame Red - Kuroshitsuji - Ball Gown (also did her regular version. There’s pix in my Madam folder)
Kushina Uzumaki - Naruto Shippuuden - 9 Months Pregnant

2013 will be Quite Awesome as well
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stay tuned for Loki’s full armor, Daenarys Targaryen, Mari’s new plugsuit, Lady!Loki, more Amy, the Mizukage, Padme Amidala and Meg from Hercules