Sperm whale hangs vertically by Eric Cheng
Via Flickr:
A sperm whale hangs vertically in the water. Dominica.. Photo taken under permit. echeng100202_0251184 Canon 5D Mark II, 16-35mm/2.8 lens @ 16mm, Seacam underwater housing

The Boiling Lake

Location: 10.5 km east of Roseau, Morne Trois Pitons National Park (World Heritage site), Caribbean Island of Dominica.

The earliest recorded sighting of this phenomenal lake was made in 1870. In 1875 the temperature along the edges of the lake was first measured. The results were astounding as the water at was found to have temperatures that ranged from 82 to 92 degrees Celsius. The temperature at the centre was not measured as it was actively boiling.

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A found sound track of sorts (check the description on Soundcloud, it’s pretty interesting), Alright is a refreshingly original debut from London’s Roseau.

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