‎30 Days Challenge DW‬

Day 17‬: Favorite Female Companion
Solo lei, solo ‪Rose Tyler‬ è riuscita a farmi innamorare, ‪‎Donna‬ si è avvicinata parecchio, ma per me Rose è stata LA companion, quella perfetta per ‪Ninth‬ e ‪‎Tenth‬. Amo il personaggio di Rose con o senza Dottore, la adoro anche quando si comporta come una ragazzina egoista, del resto ricordiamoci che ha iniziato a viaggiare con lui a 19 anni. LA difenderò sempre a spada tratta perchè è la perfetta incarnazione della ragazza della porta accanto con tanto potenziale.

“Rose Tyler… I have missed your voice.” One of my edits. Don’t remember if I posted this before but just in case I haven’t- here it is. I’m a big #EveryDoctorandRose shipper and I’ve had this idea for a fanfic in my head for a while now and I wanted to share it and if any of you who like it and who writes fics please let me know if you would or could do me the huge favor of writing this for me! You know how #Eleven called future Clara before he regenerated? What if he also called #Rose in the past while she’s with him as 10 just before he called Clara? Knowing Rose she would try and do anything to help him so what if she somehow found a way to go to him in the future w/out ten after he called and she gets there before he regenerates into 12 and Eleven got to see her again. Also since the twelfth Doctor is pretty disoriented when he regerates she’s there through out “Deep Breath”… Gosh I really wish Rose wound have been able to be w/ Eleven and Twelve!